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The Phenomenon Of Astral Projection and Astral Travel

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by Conscious Reminder

Astral travel stems from the belief that a soul can exit a body, and can visit other locations which are not just on Earth.

It is also called “soul travel”. Meditation techniques teach the practice. Sehaj yoga reaffirms through repeating mantras allowing one’s soul to visit the many planes of Heaven.

The History Of Astral Travel

Experiences of astral travel are described as being far away while not leaving the room. The practitioner often says that being a spirit allowed them to vividly see and feel places thousands of miles away. After all, space means nothing for spirits.

There are many historical documentations regarding astral travel. Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society, founded in 1875, taught about the power of using spirit travel as means of transcending the body and traveling anywhere.

Eckankar, a religion, talks about astral travel as the soul moving closer to God’s heart.

A basic tenet says that the soul can be experienced separately from our physical body while being fully conscious. It can also travel freely in this state to reality’s different planes. The method of doing this involves shifting our awareness to existence’s inner planes from our bodies.

Doctor Raymond Moody, an author, philosopher, psychologist, and physician had, over several years, interviewed hundreds claiming to have experienced being out of their body. He is famous for his writings on life following death and NDE (near-death experiences).

He invented NDE in 1975. Moody had collected information regarding these experiences and gave definitions to the most common qualities. He identified 9 qualities of an out-of-body NDE.

One of the most common qualities is that the consciousness was reported to be floating on top of their bodies. Others have claimed to have seen themselves while being operated on or while they were being revived after some accident.

Astral Travel And The Connection To Dreams

Astral travel happens to many while they are dreaming, but they do not exactly understand what happens. It is not just being out of the body. Rather, you will know that you are somewhere else.

You will be remote, looking at everything around you, and talking with other astral traveling souls. You have knowledge that would be impossible without astral travel.

The majority of times, we may be traveling while we are sleeping, but we very rarely remember it. Science does not have any evidence proving or disproving this phenomenon.

If a way to see it does get discovered, we will probably understand consciousness much better. The brain’s pineal gland is integral to this phenomenon.

Many courses in metaphysics talk about experiencing multiple consciousness streams, walking through walls, and flying when intentionally traveling in astral worlds.

Their teachings also include always maintaining control over one’s emotional state and thoughts, to have a say in their experience. If not, harmful energies might be attracted. Astral worlds are best explored while being in a pleasant state of mind.

Meditation says astral travel lets us attune ourselves to the energies in the universe that life forms are empowered by. It lets us connect with the ever-evolving metaphysical abilities of humans and help us in bringing much-needed information, healing power, calm, and peace.

There are numerous methods and techniques that can be studied regarding astral travel. Practice is essential for inviting the frequencies of energies while we are dreaming. Experienced practitioners can exit and re-enter dreams at will.

As awareness of astral travel increases, past assumptions of what is possible and impossible will become another step in our evolution. Souls are living inside human bodies. They have diving connections that help us thrive, survive, and connect.  

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