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The US Is Experiencing A Pluto Return: What That Means For You

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by Conscious Reminder

Birth charts are not something that only human beings have.

Everything with a beginning has its birth chart. That means a relationship, business, life, and even a country have their birth charts.

The United States was born on July 4th, 1776, which made it a Cancer Sun. And, importantly, it means the US is turning 246 years old this year – the number of years taken by Pluto to complete one complete trip across the zodiac.

Pluto, the dwarf planet, represents rebirth, transformation, and power. It is the planet that is the slowest in the cosmic skies as well as the one that is at the most distance from our Sun. This makes Pluto returns extremely significant since Pluto is a very powerful planet.

A thing is usually lucky if it exists long enough to experience its Pluto return. For the US, its Pluto return took place on Feb 22nd, 2022 – one of the most astrologically significant moments.

Now, Pluto has been a resident of Capricorn since Nov 26th, 2008. However, only now did it reach the exact position that it has on the US’ birth chart.

Because of the slow speed, Pluto’s effects have been building up for a while. However, with the transit being exact and staying so till March 10th, there will be a lot more noticeable effects.

Within Capricorn, Pluto is trying to change systems, limits, and structure. This is a daunting task since the majority of them have stayed the same for nearly 246 years.

Capricorn, one of the cardinal earth signs, is closely related to upholding boundaries and rules. But, sometimes, it can get too obsessed with tradition.

The US Pluto return will most probably see the destruction of particular traditions, whose transformation has been long overdue.

When Does The US’ Pluto Return Happen, And How Does It Affect You?

The US Pluto Return is taking place on the auspicious Twosday Tuesday (2-22-2022). It also returns to the birth chart’s second house governing resources, possessions, and money – all very significant topics for the USA.

Among the things that can be related are the forgiveness of student loans, and the way the country’s leaders intend to deal with it. There is also the financial duress that Americans have been facing since 2020 began.

Since Pluto rules over transformation, there will most probably be significant changes taking place regarding the way the country deals with finances.

Over the past few years, the US has seen cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular. This has potentially led to a massive change in how real money changes hands.

Exchanging cash might not exist for much longer, particularly in the case of coins. In fact, the Mint of the United States has announced that they will no longer produce new pennies starting from 2022.

They will produce the last batch of pennies on April 3rd, 2023. Just about a month earlier from this date, Pluto will enter Aquarius for a brief stay.

However, eventually Pluto retrograde will begin which will see the planet make its way back in Capricorn on June 12th, 2023. On November 19th, 2024, Pluto will finally exit Capricorn in actuality.

Now, these changes are certainly not going to happen over the course of a night. However, Pluto’s present position ensures that the ball will start to roll, at the very least.

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