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The December Gemini Full Moon Is Asking For Open Communication

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by Conscious Reminder

A Full Moon is the highest energy point during the monthly journey of the moon across the zodiac.

They have an immense effect on how we act, feel, as well as sleep. As such, the upcoming full moon is going to be the one on 18th December which takes place in airy Gemini.

This will be the year’s final full moon. Its energy will also be promoting communication and will encourage us to express our truest feelings and talk through them. The Full Moon of December is also called the “Cold” Moon.

This is because it takes place during the year’s chilliest and darkest moments. Some other names of this Full Moon are the Long Night Moon and the Snow Moon.

A Full Moon will always be directly opposite to the Sun, as such the sign it takes place in will also be directly opposite. The tension created between the two planets in opposition is the reason things are shaken up and feelings are amplified during such a time.

You May Be Kept Up At Night

The energy of the moon is considered to be at one of its highest points when a Full Moon takes place. As a result, it may infuse us with a lot more energy. Studies have shown that we might find it takes a lot longer to actually go to sleep.

We might also be sleeping fewer hours as well as our sleep being less deep when this lunation happens. Additionally, once we do manage to fall asleep, the chances of having intense nightmares or dreams are much higher.

Full Moons Can Heighten Our Emotions

In astrology, the moon is the ruler of our vulnerabilities, feelings, as well as emotions. So at the point when the planet reaches its peak energy, (as well as forming an opposition aspect filled with tension with the Sun), we will be much more likely to sense our emotions in a tumultuous or intense way. Be careful of getting overwhelmed by an emotional tsunami during a Full Moon.

You May Become More Social

A New Moon has a tendency to encourage solitariness and introspectiveness. However, on the other hand, a full moon’s effect will be the opposite – we will tend to spend our energy a lot more on interpersonal issues and relationships.

Humans are hard-wired to make full use of the full moon’s extra light at night. This can cause some to be more social.

Get Ready To Feel Enlightened

The sky is lit up by the bold and bright appearance of Full Moons. However, astrologically, this lunation is also believed to have the power to enlighten our minds as well.

Get ready for feelings, information, and ideas to bubble up to your mind’s surface as the Full Moon’s light shines on you. Make sure to use them as an opportunity to trust your intuition a bit more.

Full Moons Are A Good Chance To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

When peak fullness is reached by the moon, it starts waning – that is, it gets smaller every day as it goes through the lunar cycle. It shrinks in size until a New Moon happens once more. This is a kind of energy release.

This energy release can be harnessed if we think of a full moon as an opportunity to release things. This can mean breaking bad habits, leaving toxic friendships, or letting go of things that are no longer of use.

There is only one full moon left to happen in 2021 – which will take place on 18th December in Gemini.

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