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When You Think You Have Nothing Left, Take Another Look

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Those of you who read this probably do that because you have lost many great things recently in life. You might not have a home, phone, car, or at least $20.00 in your account in the bank.

You also feel lost, angry and hopeless. You even feel cheated, and you feel like the entire Universe stole you everything on purpose. In fact, the Universe obviously has something personal against you.

You want to cry out your heart or punch a wall simultaneously. These feelings, when mixed together just like some poison, will also make you think that you are a failure.

You will be furious and angry as of every single thing you are going through; however, when everything calms down, you will realize that you are the person you feel the most furious and angriest with.

You will feel like you weren’t successful at everything that you have ever tried. You will think that this is not what was meant to happen.

And then, you will have nothing. Also, you will not have just one single good thing present in life. Everything will be a mess, while you will be breaking into pieces. Or you just think so.

Here is one question: When you are not in a good mood, and when something really bad occurs, what first comes on your mind? What are the feelings that appear? Obviously, you will feel worse. You will have more pessimistic thoughts than you often have.

That is what is happening at the moment. You are focused on wrong things as everything seems to be wrong around you. However, you should take a better look.

Although you don’t have your own home, your parents will take you back without hesitance. This means that you will not be on the street. Although you dong have a car, you have someone in life that drives, or you there is even a bike sitting in your backyard.

Although you don’t have a phone, there is someone in life that can give you an old one which lies around. Although you have just $20.00 in the bank account, you will manage not to go even a day without a meal.

We know that you feel just like there is nothing left in your life, but the truth is that you don’t really have nothing. You just have your eyes looking at blank spaces and gaps. You should remember that you have a warm bed in which you can sleep, and food which you can eat.

You should not forget always to count something which matters the most, such as your family. You have your family, regardless of the fact if it is made of friends or relatives. You will never be alone, as these people aren’t “nothing”. In fact, they are everything, and they are their goddamn universe.

Although you say that you fall apart, just like a glass that broke on the floor, you read this at the moment, right? This means that you are breathing, and you are still hopeful, and you are simply trying. The point from all this is that you are still holding on.

Remember that you are capable and strong, and you are going to realize this one day. Your bravery and strength count. Even when you have nothing else left, you will have you. And you aren’t “nothing”.

Although you think that you miss things in your life, you should look closely at the bigger picture. It means that you aren’t missing everything.

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