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These Are The 7 Types Of Love We All Dream Of Experiencing

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Isn’t love the most powerful emotion in the world? Isn’t love all that we are looking for?

But the thing is that most of us are stuck with only one kind of love which is romantic in nature. We keep thinking that that’s the only kind of love that exists and therefore we keep searching for it everywhere we go.

But, the ancient Greeks were different…

They actually had 7 words to describe love but we don’t use these words anymore. These 7 words correspond to the 7 different kinds of love that exist and yet you are still only searching for the romantic kind:

1. Eros:This is the physical kind of love. Yes, all those relationships or bonds that are made only for sex and physical intimacy come in this kind of love. Now, it is needless to say that this kind of love only lasts till the physical intimacy between people lasts. Once that is over, this love and the relationship seem redundant and dissatisfactory. It is a serious case of “hot love, soon cold”!

2. Philia: Now, we tend to think that all love is romantic but philia is the kind of love that we have for our friends and family. This love is based on the need to be loved and taken care of. Another interesting aspect of this kind of love is that it demands mutual respect and trust. It cannot be based on anything else other than that. Also, if we combine philia and eros, that’s a great combination and can last a long, long time. (Only Philautia is needed to make it even better)

3. Storge: This is the kind of love that is between parents and children. Now this kind of love is dependent and needy. This means that both the parties are dependent on each other for fulfillment and happiness. Also, this love is based on familiarity of sorts. Sometimes, we search for this kind of love even in our partners and such relationships may not be the best ones because they tend to become parasitic. In such a bond, both partners cannot be equal as one will be dependent on the other far more. This love comes straight from the Heart Chakra and everyone needs this kind of love in their life though sometimes it may be toxic, yet the fact that it is unconditional, makes it very much required for everyone.

4. Agape: This love is best described as universal. This means that we feel this kind of love for everything that is around us, our planet and other species and God; basically everything. It is unconditional in nature and it comes from all the Chakras. We can strengthen Agape by spending more time in nature or even through meditation. It is a pure form of love.

5. Ludus: This is the mischievous kind of love. This is all about the games: flirting and sex and seduction and so on. There is no commitment or attachment in this kind of love. It is all about living in the moment and enjoying the experience. It comes from the Sacral Chakra and the purpose of this love is only enjoyment and fun.

6. Pragma: This is described as the practical kind of love. Partners are bound together by goals, qualities and duties. This is more like the arranged marriage kind of love. Also, some relationships that begin with Eros or Storge change into Pragma kind of love and thus this is the kind of love with longevity. It comes from the Root and the Heart Chakras. It is full of respect, concern and adoration for each other.

7. Philautia: This love flows from the heart and the third eye chakra. This love is all about loving your ownself and that happens through realizing your self-worth and believing that you have some higher purpose or role to play in the larger scheme of things. This love is all about taking care of yourself and protecting yourself.

Thus, love comes in various forms and kinds. Have faith in love, it is going to be our only savior.

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