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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall… Looking Into Our Own Dark Self

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We need to look into the darkness to face it, and we must start by looking in our own self.

In our numerous incarnations we have gone through many cycles of experiencing darkness and light. Our soul knows the darkness and wants us to undo it from ourselves and our shared reality. But still, many of us are afraid of looking into the dark.

Even some Lightworkers are afraid of recognizing the darkness within themselves and they simply look at the bright and the beautiful things, avoiding what needs to be dealt with.

I know that it is human nature to stay away from uncomfortable realities but one who has gained enough spiritual strength must sook into their own darkness. The act of looking at the darkness is not to reinforce it but to learn lessons from it and to remove its burden from our journey. When you look into the dark mirror, you’ll start to lose your fixed beliefs and regressive thoughts. You’ll expand your spiritual horizons and will perceive the world in a whole new way.

While looking into the dark mirror, we must ensure that we are compassionate to our own selves, just like we are compassionate to others. This can be made sure by shedding all the beliefs pertaining to the idea that darkness is somehow stronger than light. Believe me, the light in your heart is the strongest thing there.

Looking into the dark mirror will certainly help you a lot; it has helped me and lot of other people as well. I have processed my issues related to the international companies who care nothing for the planet and only for their monetary profits. I have dealt with my issues related to the western government’s increasingly repressive and invasive policies.

After practicing this art of looking into the dark mirrors for a few years, I have been able to effectively deal with most of the painful triggers. I am now able to do meaningful productive work for the society and for myself rather than just feeling overwhelmed by the countless problems of the world.

The dark mirror can have a beautiful impact on your life. It can truly free you from the mental pain that the soul has to experience due to the worldly experiences. It can also help you uncover your personal karma. All the things that we see in the world around us ultimately link back to our internal feelings and emotions. Deep within we also know that we have been doing good and some bad, we were also the oppressor and the oppressed, we have also been the masters and the slaves.

The Issue Of Psychic Protection…

At this point you might ask that if the whole world is our mirror of the soul, then why we need psychic protection. We can just be aware of our light and dark and can polish our own stuff. But, we need to remember that we are a multidimensional being and have many layers to polish. These layers are numerous and difficult for us to comprehend completely.

Fortunately for us, we are not alone on this mega adventure of consciousness. We can get a lot of help and protection if we are able to connect to our higher self. Angels, guides etc try to connect with us to help us protect ourselves. If you face your dark and then make up your mind to clear it from yourself, then there is a lot of help available for you. So, you need not worry about it; focus only on the task as the end game has already been decided upon.

If we want to experience the heaven on this earth, then we need to face our darkness and then shed it completely.

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