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The Connection Between Meditation & Weight Loss

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by Conscious Reminder

When we are thinking about methods for losing weight, meditation will probably not be the first thing which will pop into our mind. However, meditation has more influence on our body than we ever thought.

A lot of people gain weight, which results from emotional blockages. Moreover, a lot of people overeat because of anxiety and stress.

However, a short and relaxing meditation on a daily basis has the ability to prevent such overeating episodes.

Furthermore, meditation is also helpful in the process of toxins elimination. The fat which we accumulated will be full of some harmful toxins which our body does not know how it can eliminate.

Here, we will describe an excellent detox meditation practice, which is going to clean our body and also help our immunity and metabolism.

Meditation and losing weight – Explanation of detox meditation.

First of all, we should find ourselves an appropriate and comfortable position. In order to get better results, we should sit on a chair, having our spine straight. Then, we should place our feet flat on the floor. In fact, this is going to ground us.

Then, we should put our palms on our tight and relax our hands. We should move our gaze straight, not focusing on something in particular. Our focus should actually be on our feet now.

We should breathe deeply and slowly and move our focus on every part of our body. We should notice those parts and then give them time to relax. The process is known as “scanning” our own body.

Then, when we finished this process, we should stay in the “now.” We should clear our mind of every possible thought. When some thought appears, we should simply let it disappear. We are not supposed to be focused on it, but simply let that thought float away. We should enjoy “the now.”

And, we should stay in that moment as much as we feel good in it. When we are prepared to return, we should simply scan our body once again. We should be conscious of our body. When we feel that we are prepared, we can open our eyes.

But, we should not move. We have to stay still for a while. Then, we should be conscious of our room, and also sit up and remember to drink some water.

If we practice this particular meditation every day, for one month, our body is going to begin to detox, and we are going to lose weight. Breathing profoundly will bring fresh oxygen in our body, and fill every cell of it.

It will also boost our mental activity, together with the functional systems in our body. It is also going to raise our courage and self-confidence.

We are going to be more optimistic, and the main reason will be our diet. And, we are also going to be more thankful and hopeful for a healthy lifestyle.

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