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Sagittarius Full Super Moon Rising June 14th: Breath Of Fresh Air

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by Conscious Reminder

On June 14th, Sagittarius will host a Super Full Moon. This lunar event happens when the Earth and the Moon are closer than usual.

As a result, the moon appears bright and big. It also means that the lunar influence is a bit stronger than usual Full Moons. However, because of May’s Blood Moon Eclipse, the intensity is being dialed down for this one.

A Full Moon is usually an auspicious time for detoxing, releasing, and completing projects. Collectively, all of us have been under the influence of intense transformative energy. Of course, releasing and shedding go hand-in-hand with transformation.

During this lunation, we may feel like there is nothing left for us to release. It might make us confused and uncertain about what else there might be that still needs release.

If this feeling is familiar, then understand that it is absolutely alright to have no clue about it. At the same time, pause a bit and enjoy being stuck. It will be alright if you go with the flow.

The Influence Of Neptune

Neptune’s energy will be very strong during this lunation. This means an atmosphere of fogginess where things become difficult to grasp. We will probably be mired in confusion about the next steps or direction to take.

Of course, there is a reason behind Neptune’s illusions. It is an exercise for our intuition. Its fog forces us to rely on nothing else but our inner voice. Its veil forces us to look away from everybody else’s thoughts, or their possible opinion from us. This exercise moves us to a more authentic place that sings our soul’s rhythm in better harmony.

As such, we must be extra attentive to our intuition and always take a closer look if anything feels even slightly off. But, at times, it might be difficult to know if it’s intuition speaking or our insecurity and fear. This is alright as well. Simply pause and spend some time mulling it over. If a decision is compulsory, work with what you know for sure and your abilities.

Sagittarius – The Eternal Student

The second influential energy during the June Super Full Moon is going to be Sagittarius. In the zodiac, Sagittarius is the wisdom-seeker and the lifelong student that will take up any challenge if it means they can learn more.

So, if you feel heavy or foggy, allow yourself to put it aside for the time being. Instead, let the Sagittarian vibrations fill you with constant wonderment about the eternal adventure that is life.

True, a couple of chapters can be way tougher than the rest. But it’s all an experience in the end. This sign’s energy is a reminder that finding joy, setting aside time to play, and being aware of ourselves in every moment is important.

Try to answer what makes you happy or how you can see life as if it is only a fascinating adventure filled with temporary experiences. Answering them will be the beginning of working with the Sagittarius Full Moon’s energy. They may even help in clearing the confusion.

The past couple of months have been challenging. However, this Super Full Moon is going to be an opportunity to pause and simply exist by spending time seeking greater joy.

Let the June Full Moon wash away all the indecision, angst, and tension. Allow yourself to have fun. Try to avoid looking at yourself or the present unfolding events as anything too serious.

Life is the greatest adventure ever and experiences are always fleeting. Similar to the archer of Sagittarius, you have the power to guide your energy like the shot arrow as well.

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