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What The Last Three Months Of 2017 Will Look Like For You, Based On Your Zodiac

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By speaking tree

As only about 3 months are left for 2017 to bid adieu, let’s delve into what does the year still has in store for you. Well, even one minute can change your life upside-down and here we are talking about four months. The energies are still shifting and here’s what the last few days of 2017 have to offer your Zodiac sign.

:: Aries

Well, it must have seemed like everything in your life has been thrown up in the air, just for the sake how it will come back to you, all thanks to Uranus, the disruptor. You have been struggling in your love life. Do not lose heart as Venus is the partnership chart for you later this year. It will spark your existing relationship or begin a new one if single. Pluto will put your hard limits to test in terms of career, however, take it as a challenge and look forward to a promotion.

:: Taurus

Off late, you have been confused if you are taking the right path and if everything is going in the right direction. Now, think it this way – it is okay to be confused sometimes. Follow the uncertainty and do not run away before you have actually witnessed the result and keep fearing the assumed failure. Sometimes the hard path that you choose for yourself is for your own betterment and trust the Universe the best will come out of the last four months which may seem otherwise, right now.

:: Gemini

So for all the Geminis, all in all, this year has been a bit rocky. Changes in terms of relationships, career and life – well, you have come far and what had seemed so scary, trust in the Universe it will all pay off for you now. As you move ahead in 2017 just believe in yourself and it might turn out that you have found yourself than the relationship. You deserve it.

:: Cancer

If a Cancerian was offered a podium to talk about their year so far, they will begin and end it merely in one word – HOW? How is it, they could survive what they survived. All the emotional havoc you faced, all the major changes that you faced through the year, seem to have taken a toll on you. Believe in a higher purpose, even if the start to this year wasn’t that great does not mean it will end the same way. Fall transcending to Winter is exactly when you flourish. Don’t give up yet!

:: Leo

Well, 2017 has been a bit harsh so far because you have been trying to find yourself all through. The relationship being your worst nightmare and dating is out of the question, you have certainly been on a killing spree. But remember, when it rains and seems all is dark that is when you outperform yourself. You are content in your own space as it can get – happily beating your own drum. About love? Well, it’s going to come in your life and finally stay and you cannot run away from it.

:: Virgo

Career wise, you have taken a huge step and as new, and scary it might look like right now you know, you have done well and you will continue to do so. For once you will be proud of your achievements. In terms of love, you have invested much in a person who hasn’t even met you half way and by this year end, either they will up their game or you will finally let them go by the end of this year.

:: Libra

Hurt might have been a prominent and a permanent mark off late. The deep wounds that have made a home in you will take some time to heal and finally leave you for good. The key to healing it is to remember, it is okay to feel everything so deep and heavy. It is not a romantic relationship that will help you heal but how you chose to spend your free time and how you tackle situations.

:: Scorpio

As an individual, you have always been wise beyond your years and have a tendency to have a different world view than everyone your age. Always the loner wolf you go about beating your drum and without being affected. However, before this year bids adieu, you are going to cross paths with someone who is going to change a lot of things for you and no matter how much you will try to play it safe it might not work this time at all.

:: Sagittarius

2017 might have wrecked havoc in your life in every possible aspect you can think of. You might have held onto an old love for the longest of time, hoping they would magically come back in your life, basically not giving up on them and wishing for them to realise they have wronged you and they love you. But truth be told you don’t deserve to be hurt by the same old. Move on in life and by the end of this year, you will find the person who would actually treat you the way you deserve.

:: Capricorn

You have been lucky to have found love in your life – a person who seems rough around the edges but you truly love the person but have been faced with an obstacle. The question is, are you two going to continue with the relationship or take the next big step? Well, the question is all that is materialising right now, are you ready to spend the rest of your life with this person?

:: Aquarius

The next few months can bring about old people in your life – ones you have had a bitter fall-out with. Of course, you have matured with time, you are not the same person anymore, however, they will focus only on how you have wronged them. Do not let other people dictate you or your thoughts. Their opinion shouldn’t hamper your sanity. Just know they are unable to handle how far you have come, everything will be fine in the end.

:: Pisces

You are finally going to let go of everything that has kept you holding on to the past. All that you have given in love will come back to you finally. Be wary when it happens, though. As you will take a step forward in the new phase old might come back knocking on your door. Trust your decision and how far you have come. There is no turning back. You deserve all the happiness that Universe is now giving you back in abundance.

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Last sentence for Gemini – there is a missing word or something. Could you please repair this?
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