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How To Tell The Difference Between Your Ego, Mind And Consciousness

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by Conscious Reminder

The mind is a mechanism that records everything, and later it reacts to the newly created situation in accordance with those recordings/mental programs. You can be an exquisite mind technician, but your powers only apply in the storage area or the brain memory.

So, we are facing new situation through old programs. This is why we lag behind to a certain extant when we find ourselves in a new situation. Astronomical data says that it takes 8 minutes for sun rays to reach Earth. So, the sunlight that is shining upon us at this moment left the sun’s surface about 8 minutes before.

Anyone who identifies with the mind is governed by circumstances. How? The circumstances in such a person stimulate emotions and thoughts so they have to behave accordingly. The so-called cultural patterns, especially religious and political ones, are actually “recordings” (programs) that have been pre-set and are activated in certain situations thus pre-determining human behavior.

The correctness or incorrectness of such an egoistic process is determined by these “recordings” and not the actual situation. In order for a person to function freely, creatively, responsibly and in accordance with the situation, they must surpass and outgrow the mind and connect with their consciousness. Consciousness never lags behind. It exist at the present moment.

Meditation is a good way to understand what your mind actually is and stop identifying with it. At the same time it is also a way to recognize your true nature. You will stop suppressing things, and start observing your emotions and thoughts as if they are external sensations. When you discover your consciousness, you become centered and focused, which will allow you to decide when and why you will use the mind. The mind (the ego) isn’t using you anymore, but you are using your mind (for its true purpose).

Wisdom isn’t gaining knowledge, but understanding your consciousness and in what way it differs from your mind. Those who can’t tell the difference between the mind and the consciousness find it very hard to escape the life they don’t want to live.

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