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15 Traits That Reveal Your Spiritual Healing Abilities

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by Conscious Reminder

A spiritual healer is someone who can help others to come out of misery and live life to the fullest.

In modern times, they are more important for this world than ever before, as they have the potential to make this Earth a living heaven. Many people have the basic traits of a healer but only a few know that they are special due to the fact that the signs of being a healer are sometimes quite subtle.

In this article, we are going to look at the 15 main traits of a spiritual healer:

1. You think of yourself as an Empath

You absorb the energy of almost everything around you and thus it makes you feel tired and exhausted. Due to your ability to attach yourself to your surroundings, you consider yourself an empath. You can definitely feel others people energy.

2. You like some alone time

As the energy of the world makes you feel exhausted, you prefer to spend your time alone to keep yourself in balance. You need alone time in order to recharge and get your energy levels back to normal.

3. You want to move out of the vicious cycle of ‘earning for paying bills’

You think that life is much more than just making a ridiculous amount of money and thus you always want to move out of the circle so that you can help more people. You don’t like to get caught and stay stuck in the repetitive cycle of working to pay bills and survive.

4. People approach you for life advice

People from all spheres of life come to you for getting the solution to their problems. You give good advice and they love it. They always come to you with their issues and appreciate that you listen and that you give helpful advice.

5. You are extremely intuitive

As you prefer to rely on your emotions rather than pure logic, you tend to take decisions based on your intuition. You feel things and you simply just know.

6. You have faced mental challenges in the past

Spiritual healers, due to their atypical character, find it extremely hard to fit in the world and thus they face many mental challenges from the world. Anxiety and depression are two common problems.

7. You do not like social situations

You do not want to socialize or even go outside until it is of paramount importance. Even if you do socialize, all you do later is contrite as you feel enervated after being outside for a while. You might enjoy the company of one or two close friends, but never a big circle of people.

8. You can feel the emotions of others

It is a sure sign of being a spiritual healer. You must be able to feel and understand the unsaid emotions and body language of others.

9. You love professions related to healing

If you have a natural affinity towards healing professions then chances are that you are a spiritual healer.

10. People feel comfortable around you

Other people are able to be their true selves around you, as they feel comfortable and uplifted. You give off good energy and good and positive vibes.

11. You feel ‘different’

You have never been able to be a part of the mainstream society as you can see their shallowness and thus you choose to be an outcast. Your experiences are completely different from other people.

12. You feel proud to be an idealist

You deeply believe that some things are non-negotiable for you and you stand for your ideals. You want the world to be connected to nature.

13. You are constantly trying to make sense of this world

You engage in deep conversations with yourself in order to better understand the world around you.

14. You are emotionally attached to nature

You sometimes feel that animals and plants make much more sense than humans and you enjoy spending time in nature.

15. You are an excellent listener

You do not like speaking a lot, but you are an excellent listener. You try to understand not only the bare words but also the emotions behind them.

So, these are some of the signs of being a Spiritual Healer. Are you one of them?

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