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Are You Blaming Your Partner For The Drama In Your Twin Flame Relationship?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

No relationship is perfect – not even a twin flame relationship. Sometimes, twin flame relationships can bring a lot of drama with it. There’s a reason for it.

A twin flame relationship starts off with the partners being in a very immature state. They are always working on each other and it is through that constant effort that they make a twin flame relationship work.

One of the reasons for a twin flame drama is that during times of emotional immaturity, we are quick to take up the victim role. We take the relationship for granted and when things don’t turn out the way WE expected, it quickly becomes hurtful to US.

Are you doing the same thing? Blaming your twin flame for some wrong? If you are really honest about this feeling, you will find out that most probably you are trying to fill a gap within yourself.

Let’s say that your partner is at fault. Be honest with yourself and ask: Can I continue a twin flame relationship with them? No – it’s better to just work on your own self. You know you have to be ready for such an intense relationship.

It’s time to heal. Sometimes, we compromise our peace and our clarity just so that the relationship lasts longer. But rather than delaying it, we should be completely honest with our own self.

Think about it without the twin-flame label stuck on it? If this person was not a twin flame and if they were still sleeping with others and not listening to you, would you like to be with them? Search within – find what’s causing you so much pain.

Remember that in a twin flame relationship, you will not feel much pain – because you are in a safe space. Your twin flame partner is too connected to you to hurt you.

Sometimes, the pain can be from within and you find it so excruciating that you find it hard to deal with it. It’s all right if you feel a crushing sensation within – start working on it.

Maybe when you are very honest, you will realize that the twin flame behavior has nothing to do with you or your partner. Twin flame relationships can be scary and this fear might create problems within the relationship.

Know that your twin flame, if they are true, will not manipulate you. They won’t give ultimatums. Neither will they allow manipulation. Everything happens on mutual terms.

But if there is a problem, a drama, you should not put all the blame on another. The more you do so, the worse it will become. Your partner will pull away and never come back. You will be the one destroying a twin flame relation.

Twin flames are not there to fix you. They don’t owe anything to you. If you are having issues within, you have to work on them.

Most probably, they are going through a similar kind of anxiety and pain that you are going through. That’s how connected twin flames are. But they are not pointing their fingers at you, are they?

Twin flame relationships are about self-care and the growth of your soul. There will be internal turmoil, but it can be dealt with together.

Yes, there will be a lot of drama, but you should not create an unbalancing of energy by blaming others. Even with the drama, there should exist mutual respect for one another. And eternal love.

And that’s how you will slowly grow in a twin flame relationship.

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