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The Lightworkers Prophecy And Its Connection To Numbers 1440 & 144

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by Conscious Reminder

The number 144 is actually a quite significant one because it’s Biblical one. It is the number of the prophecy of the light bearers which are going to be necessary in helping in the process of transforming the world.

In fact, the number is 144,000, and it is the one which also has literal, very attractive and beautiful, as well as symbolic meaning.

When we break it down, it actually equates to 12x12x1000, or the twelve nations, individuals, worlds, tribes, multiplied by the twelve signs, attitudes, planes or energies, 1000 or more years or the lasting of the millennial golden age.

The Emerald Tablets, as well as the Book of Revelation, predict, and even forecast the arrival and incarnation of the 144,000 lightworkers that are going to save the planet from the so-called ‘Forces of Darkness’ at the time of the END TIMES of the Kali Yuga. 

A lot of the lightworkers are here right now, and they are in their process of walking up to the divine mission and purpose on the planet. Most of them are some incarnated, as well as advanced Starseeds coming from some even more advanced and incarnated planets, even though some are just advanced local souls of this planet.

Some of those lightworkers also walk up and come out of the long spiritual and mental hibernation, admittedly, but also slowly realizing that their purpose here is to help in the process of the massive transformation of our planet.

For example, the Cellular Memories of these lightworkers have been timed, programmed, as well as triggered to went of in such times and then awaken those lightworkers to the real identity, purpose or mission they had for incarnation on the planet Earth in this most critical and crucial times in its history.

Entering and reaching the 11th hour of the Great Change, which took place on our planet, is also the time for all those that remain 144,000 to wipe the sleeping slumber of the half-lives from the eyes, wake up, as well as smell their coffee, or even roll up the sleeves, and be on that Himalayan task for saving the planet.

Those ignorant and inexperienced masses of the planet are not going to save it. Simply the lightworkers may actually save the Earth. But, they have to assume their aims and assume them right now.

Those times of hesitations and confusions are over now. We have a planet for saving. Also, people are the only ones that signed up for saving it. If one member is not prepared and fails to discover his aim, the whole mission will be in danger.

If you believe that you are on some additional routine mission, you should think twice. In fact, this is one of the greatest missions which the Great White Lodge took in these last 200,000 years. So, the universe’s eyes are on us.

It will be watching us closely whether we will be successful or we are going to fail in saving the Earth when the Warriors of Darkness will actually meet those of Light.

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