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Major Dos and Don’ts During The December 2022 Gemini Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The December 7th full moon is coming to provide a burst of energy. This particular lunation is a cold one and it will take place in Gemini – one of the most multifaceted signs.

The lunation’s energy is quick-witted and will provide us with a bit of jump in every step we take. The extra boost is going to be particularly helpful as we navigate the reduced pace brought about by the currently retrograding Mars.

Things You Should Do

You may be encountering a lot of stagnation lately because of the Mars retrograde. However, the upcoming lunation will push us to return to our major projects that have been neglected. It will be a great time for putting the finishing touches or finally launching any projects.

Secondly, use the analytical approach of Gemini along with conversational Mercury’s entry into practical Capricorn to be real about your goals as the year comes to an end. Reassess and adjust your list of resolutions to prepare for 2023.

Thirdly, Gemini will be conjunct with confident Mars. So it will be an ideal period for doing self-esteem work. Raise it by wearing the best outfit, grooving to your favorite tunes to boost your mood, and repeating affirmations.

Finally, Sagittarius is opposing Mars, which is also retrograde. As such, our patience is currently being tested. This energy will push us to be conscious of how impulsive and assertive we can be. Find peace by doing meditation, yoga, and breathwork.

Things You Should Not Do

Restless Gemini energy can prompt us to agree to a lot more than what we can actually tackle. Since the holidays are approaching, it will be a good idea to properly assess everything that needs to be done. Try to break work into portions as well as establish boundaries to help out.

Secondly, extroverted Gemini is fun-loving and social, so the upcoming lunation will be a great chance to exit your shell. No matter what your mood might be, the lunation will be motivating you to go on adventures with your friend or increase the size of your network.

Finally, as Mars retrograde also doubles as a rewind of the cosmos, it can make the past resurface often. It becomes even more possible when we encounter failure and stagnation. Try not to lament your past shortcomings. Do not let regret pose an obstacle in whatever you are working on at the moment.

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