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Pick One Dream Catcher And We Will Tell You About One Amazing Thing About Your Personality

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by Conscious Reminder

Dream catchers have always been a very integral part of the Native American lore. Now the world has adopted this age old practice to avoid nightmares.

But the dream catchers are not exactly the same, they are varied and the type of the dreamcatchers depends on the personality of the user.

Here are 5 kinds of dream catchers, pick one and it will reveal an important part of your personality.

Dream Catcher No.1

If you chose the very first dream catcher, you are one of the few people on whom others can depend upon without hesitation. You value friendships a lot and once you know someone well enough, you’d put complete faith in them and their choices. You expect from others, what you have for others- honesty and truth. You are also susceptible to emotional overwhelming.

Dream Catcher No.2

If you picked on the second one, it means that you are the most pure and impeccable at heart. You cannot stand deceit and hurt, and you would rather direct your attention on the positive things. However when these negative emotions or situations seem too complicated to ignore, you chose to stand apart from it all.

Dream Catcher No.3

If your choice is the third dream catcher that means that firstly, you are an extrovert and secondly, you have an optimistic approach to life. You don’t have difficulty in making friends because you accept people without judgment. However, you fear the judgment from others and therefore you make it a point to make your decision perfect so you don’t face any backlash.

Dream Catcher No.4

The fourth dreamcatcher signifies that the person who picks it is very kind and good at heart. They keep the well being of others over their own repeatedly and are always supportive of others. But they also give more weight to the opinions of others than they should.

Dream Catcher No.5

The ones who pick up this dream catcher are the lone wolfs; the ones who are confident in their own ability to overcome obstacles. On the plus side, this makes fiercely independent individuals. But on the downside they come off as intimidating and don’t always listen to others.

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