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A 7-Year Cycle In Astrology: The Main Reason Why You Go Through Major Life Changes Every Seven Years

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by Conscious Reminder

You’re in for a wild ride when Saturn transits your natal Moon.

Transiting Saturn makes an aspect to your Moon every seven years. And some years are more difficult than others.

Saturn is known as the taskmaster; it is the planet of work, responsibility, and limitations. Without Saturn, we would never be able to achieve our goals and dreams, but Saturn can also hold us back, slow us down, coincide with loss, and put us to the test in life. In many ways, Saturn is the most important planet in the chart, but this does not diminish the importance of the other planets.

Saturn will transit each house of the natal chart over a 30-year period. We can determine which area of life Saturn will influence every two and a half years by looking at transiting Saturn and what it is aspecting.

In our natal chart, the Moon represents home, women, and our emotions. In many cases, Saturn making positive aspects to the Moon can represent stability. If it has a negative impact, we frequently experience loss, depression, or a lack of joy and happiness.

Saturn conjunct natal Moon

Let’s start with Saturn’s transit of the natal Moon, which occurs once every 30 years. When Saturn conjuncts the Moon, we usually experience loss, grief, or depression. When Saturn conjuncts the Moon, you may feel as if you’ve hit rock bottom emotionally.

Because Saturn rules women, we may be concerned about the health or affairs of women who are important to us, particularly our mother, grandmother, and other close relatives and extended family. If married or in a close relationship, the Moon in a man’s chart would represent a time when the wife is going through a difficult time.

Saturn conjunct the Moon can cause major life changes for some people. From a spiritual standpoint, this is regarded as a time of intense self-reflection.

At times, Saturn conjunct the Moon can be associated with the end of relationships, and at worst, with death, but only if other aspects in the chart also point to it.

Saturn sextile natal Moon

Saturn forms a sextile to the natal Moon seven years after the conjunction. A sextile is not a harsh transit, but Saturn’s heaviness may be felt more strongly by some than others, or it may appear dull. In this case, Saturn, unlike Saturn conjunct the Moon, should serve as a wake-up call. Your feelings will be rooted in substance and reality at this time, but in ways that allow you to deal with any emotional situation easily.

Saturn rules the past, so you may find yourself connected to it in some way at this time, whether through family, antiques, genealogy, or some other means. Family matters, particularly those involving parents or elderly relatives, may become more pressing now. You will have greater emotional control and will be better able to deal with any situation that may arise in a calm and methodical manner. Emotional stability may become important, and this aspect can help you achieve emotional stability, particularly if you have been through a traumatic experience.

Because the Moon governs the home, you may undertake home improvement projects or consider purchasing real estate.

Saturn square natal Moon

Seven years after its sextile and 14 years after its conjunction, Saturn will square the Moon. Saturn will square the Moon twice in a 30-year cycle, once after the sextile and once after the trine. In most cases, a square is a difficult aspect that indicates some kind of emotional disruption.

At this time, you may consider shifting your priorities away from work and responsibilities and toward your personal or emotional life. Work and responsibilities, on the other hand, may overwhelm you at this time, causing problems in your personal life.

You may be concerned about female family members at this time. You may have emotional problems with women in your life, such as your mother or another family member. If you are a man, problems can arise with any woman in your life who is romantically involved with you, and some relationships may end. If you are a woman, you may have problems with female family members, friends, other women, or your emotions. You may also suffer some form of loss.

This aspect can appear isolating and depressing. The best course of action is to avoid any major emotional fulfillment at this time, instead focusing on work and self-reflection while waiting for the transit to pass.

Saturn trine natal Moon

Saturn will trine the natal Moon seven years after the square and 21 years after the conjunct. Trines are a simple and positive aspect, and you may be able to reconnect with your past in some way, such as through friends and family you have known in the past.

This is frequently a period of emotional equilibrium during which you feel a sense of balance between your personal life, work, and responsibilities. Any emotional tensions can be resolved in a common sense manner in favor of harmony at this time. You may experience emotional maturity that you have not previously experienced, but your emotional state is generally sober and realistic.

Older people may be able to provide you with valuable insight into any problems you are facing, and you may be drawn to those who are older and have more experience. This is a good time to buy a house or real estate, and it’s also a good time to plan.

Saturn opposing natal Moon

The once-every-30-year opposition of Saturn to the natal Moon occurs seven years after the trine. This is one of Saturn’s more emotionally taxing transits to the Moon. It is frequently associated with loss, rejection, breakups, loneliness, or difficulties with women.

Because the Moon represents your emotional needs, you may notice that your emotional or personal life is lacking at this time, and you may have to spend a lot of time focused on work or responsibilities.

Because the Moon represents all women in your life, you may have problems with your wife, girlfriend, mother, family members, or other women in your orb. Typically, this aspect involves trouble or problems caused by someone else.

You may believe that in order to live a more balanced life, you must alter your lifestyle or living situation. Major life changes are common at this time.

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