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Look Up Tonight! Saturn & Jupiter Align After 800 Years To Bring Back The Star Of Bethlehem

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by Conscious Reminder

This season of festivals will be the brightest owing to the lucky stars.

If you look up to the sky on the night of 21st December, you can witness the Star of Bethlehem returning. This was the bright guiding light for the 3 Wise Men who journeyed to seek baby Jesus.

This rare astrological episode last took place during the Middle Ages, 800 years ago. During this event, the planetary bodies of Jupiter and Saturn align themselves in such a manner that they appear to be conjoined but remain closely situated. This creates a dazzling spectacle.

Experts have suggested the possibility of this being the same star which was followed by kings Balthazar, Caspar, and Melchior almost 2,000 years back.

This tale is written in Matthew’s Gospel that states the occurrence when these 3 wise men came to Jerusalem. They asked King Herod about where the king of the Jews born was. They also said that they followed the rising star to pay homage to that child.

How To Spot The Star Of Bethlehem?

After sunset, there will be an epicenter for approximately 45 minutes. The accurate time of the sunset will be from 3 pm to 3:15 pm, but it depends on the place you are at.

Gradually, the planets will darken as they slip down the horizon with the approaching night. By about 6:20 pm, the planets will completely disappear from sight.

After this day, you will still see Saturn and Jupiter situated close together but the distance will keep on increasing.

Specifics Of Convergence Of Jupiter And Saturn

The planets can be seen aligned on 21st December, Monday afternoon.

Dr. Roberty Massey, the deputy director at the Royal Astronomical Society, stated this to be an exceptional and magnificent event that can be enjoyed by everyone free of charge.

Following the sunset, the western sky will appear to be brighter at a point where the 2 planets will appear. Jupiter will be brighter compared to Saturn.

People with good eyesight can make out 2 tiny dots in the sky whereas, a telescope will offer well-defined shapes.

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