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Ten Toxic Types Of People You Need To Steer Clear Of

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by Conscious Reminder

The presence of toxic people in our life can poison our hearts and minds. It is crucial to identify the importance of people we spend time with.

They are the ones who play a big role in our health, happiness, and well-being. We might even lose the good people under the influence of the toxic people.

The foremost step to eliminate toxic people away from our life is to recognize them. Keep reading the guideline to identify them correctly before they do more harm to us.

Types Of People You Must Distance Yourself From Before It Is Too Late

I: Continuous Opinion Givers

The first and glaring quality of toxic people is that they shove their opinions continuously without being asked for. Moreover, their opinions are mostly negative and make us feel insufficient. If we closely observe them, we can identify a feeling of superiority and poisonous thoughts while they share their valuable opinions with others.

II: Victimisation

Even if you are a good and positive person with a kind heart, you must be careful of distancing yourself from people who like to play victims. Such people falsely seek help but they withdraw themselves from helping others in their time of need. They usually pity others rather than sympathizing.

III: Help-Seeking

A needy person can never be satisfied with anything. As a result, the needs of a toxic person are perpetual. They only seek help from others and live only for themselves. They use others as tools to fulfill their needs without feeling any sort of remorse, guilt, or shame. As soon as you identify this quality, distance yourself from them.

IV: Constant Complain

Every person’s life is filled with good and bad times and we need people to share these times with. However, being in company with people who constantly complain about everything is inherently toxic. Complainers typically suck the life out of others around them. They do not value happiness, health, or sanity.

V: Blame-Game

People who always put blame on the other person in every situation rather than accepting their faults are toxic by nature. They invariably point fingers at others including their parents, boss, colleagues, partners, children, and society. They are always unhappy and miserable and find others to blame it on.

VI: Manipulation

Identifying this particular trait is tricky because only intimate people can identify this aspect in others. Toxic people are typically sly and operate with a lot of cunning in order to attain their goals. Although they appear innocent, they can deftly manipulate others for their means.

VII: Shower Of Gifts

Every human loves to be pampered and feels good to receive gifts. However, a gift is precious only when it is gifted without expecting anything in return or any ulterior motive. Toxic people give gifts to make them feel indebted, control, and manipulate the other person. Pay close attention to such people and do not be duped by such gestures.

VIII: Energy Vampire

An energy vampire is tough to identify but can be easily understood by observing carefully. Toxic people carry negative energy with them at all times. This is a clear sign that we must stay away from such people and break all associations with them.

IX: Gossip-Mongers

People who love to gossip about others most of the time are easily identifiable. Toxic people are constantly speaking badly about others. They cannot even be trusted because they snitch and tell others about what you had told them in confidence.

X: Flatterers

The biggest and most obvious quality of toxic people is that they always flatter others. However confident people must avoid flattery although deceiving praises may attract us to them. This makes it more difficult for us to identify them.

Cautionary Words

We must always keep our eyes open and our hearts and minds clean. Identifying toxic people is inevitably difficult but we must trust our instincts. This will help us rely on ourselves when we find something strange. Following our intuition in such scenarios can save us from falling into the traps of toxic people.

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