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Cancer Season Starts June 21st: Find Your Inner Peace

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by Conscious Reminder

Close your eyes. What do you see? Can you hold that position? Can you imagine falling through a blank canvass only to erupt in light? Are you at peace with yourself? Is your heart getting what it deserves? Do you know who you are?

If all the answers to these questions are yes, then you are at a powerful place in life. You are finally at home within yourself, where you find peace, sanity, and power that is unparalleled.

But, while the bricks of our houses serve us with comfort and security, it is the home inside us that gives us the peace that we dearly need. This home gives us power that guides us on our journey to self-discovery. But, what is immensely helpful is that this season, Cancer will help us locate our house within.

Cancer would initiate itself on June 21st, the day of the solstice. Now, the Sun always is static around this period, so why not try that approach to our lives, and be static?

As we reach midway into the year, we really need to stand and understand the shift or the changes that are taking place in energy. Furthermore, we need to let that stillness help us.

Since the Solstice is midway into the year, and symbolizes a new season, we can always use this time to check in on our progress and see where we stand in relation to our dreams and goals and at the same time we can learn to adapt to changing situations.

But, remember to use Cancer as a marker for your map, as you chart the best direction that would put you right where your home is.

Ideally, you should stop and make a list of things that remind you of home. The list can include anything- be it a particular scent or a familiar catchphrase, maybe a favorite dish. Anything that puts you in your comfort zone, where you feel all powerful.

As you have your list ready, try to incorporate those things into your lifestyle. Do everything that brings you closer to your own self and thereby makes you comfortable in your own skin.

Being in your own skin gives one the ability to be both open, and secure. It means that you have taken care of your frontiers, and have already taken steps to ensure that no one can break you down, while you are also open to enjoying the beauties of life.

The troubling fact here is, if you are simply secure and protected, you often lose the ability to feel, to experience joy, to feel free. Your cocoon prevents anything from hurting you. You stop taking risks, and hence there is no excitement, no joy in your life. On the other hand, when you are too open, you get used up by other people, for their own selfish needs, while you use them to regain back your energy and emotions. This leads to a co-dependent relationship, which isn’t useful or good for you.

You need to walk beyond these spheres to a middle ground where you would get the best out of both worlds. The important thing here is that you have to love yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself, realizing that you keep on messing up, feeling unworthy of love and other affections is simply going to put a damper on your spirits. If you love yourself, you would be open to the love that the Universe is going to shower on you.

See, no one expects you to be perfect all the time. The journey of life is beset with disasters and obstacles. How you navigate through them is what is important. And in Cancer 2019, you will be helped in your journey.

Here, the Sun aligns with Sirius, the dogstar, or the North Star. Now, this star is considered to be the gateway to the higher realms, containing beings that are more powerful, wiser, and ever-present. And with Sun’s alignment, we would get a window to look into them, and see how they work. These would resonate in our vibrations, as we would feel unconditional love.

To end it simply, all Cancer season wants of you is to accept that your home is where you are at peace, despite what the surroundings are. If you can find your peaceful zone inside you, you wouldn’t have any issue navigating the sea of life.

Practice this mantra, if you had to- My home is where my heart lies, and the heart, never lies.

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