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The Spiritual Meaning Behind Tonight’s Gemini New Moon

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As we all know, New Moon occurs once every month, and this time, it is on the 3rd of June and in Gemini.

The significance of such an event manifests itself in reflection, introspection, and retrospection. On this day, both the Sun and the Moon would be in Gemini, which would lead to better communication and charisma.

Stardust talks about how the New Moon would be extremely beneficial to people around us. This also includes our own selves, for it is in the changeable and extremely flexible zodiac sign of Gemini.

It would provide clarity and bring sincerity to everything that we do. This is partly due to the alignment it makes with the fixed star of great fortune, Aldebaran, a great beginning for a new month.

So, it wouldn’t be amiss to say that this time, one needs to approach their dreams in a Gemini-esque way- talking about it, planning it, meditating on it, and sharing it out to the universe.

This New Moon, turn on your charisma to woo people. Dazzle them with your brilliance, but don’t overshoot your hand. Stardust talks about being careful, for all of us are tackling with air signs.

Astrologer Aliza Kelly mentions that since the New Moon would result in a completely dark sky (as light won’t get reflected), we need to find our reflection somewhere else.

And that ‘else’ is our own self. Focus inward, and search deep into your soul to find your life’s true meaning. Reflect, ruminate, and finally manifest.

Kelly also highlights on the importance of words. You really need to be careful with the words you speak out loud, whilst in chatty Gemini.

Also, when we are talking about words, we are not speaking about just ‘spoken words’. Written words matter too. Be attentive to the words you write in your journal.

Remember, be specific. What you truly desire is what you will truly get. So, don’t forget to be extremely specific in what you desire, for as she says, General desires will yield general results.

Explore yourself – don’t let the magic of the New Moon pass away.


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