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19 Things A Man Subconsciously Does When He’s Falling For You 

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by Conscious Reminder 

Do you think the man in your life is falling for you? If yes, you can keep an eye out for these 19 signs that he may be subconsciously gesturing at you. 

1. He always has a pleasant smile near you 

Have you ever noticed that whenever he’s around you, he’s got that smile on his face? Now that’s the first sign for you! 

2. He loves to watch you closely 

Catch your man suddenly when he’s looking in your direction. He’ll probably blush because you took him off guard when he was actually admiring you. 

3. He thinks you’re really funny

Irrespective of whether you crack a joke or not, he thinks you’ve got a sense of humor. He does this because he really likes you and feels happy in your presence. 

4. He maintains long eye contact with you 

If he looks at you for long durations while you both talk to each other then he’s surely into you. Eyes are the true reflection of one’s feelings and he’s probably trying to convey something to you. 

5. He closely listens to everything that you say to him 

He just doesn’t nod at you without listening to you. He actually does listen to every word that you say and also remembers it always. 

6. He always agrees with you 

Is it true that he prefers taking your side to anyone else’s during an argument? If yes, then that’s probably because he wants your approval of him just like he agrees with everything that you say in any matter. 

7. He compliments you for everything 

He appreciates everything that you do, all your achievements and skills. And he doesn’t only talk about your looks; you’re above and beyond mere physical appearance for him. 

8. He performs small gestures for you 

He doesn’t believe in grand gestures but in everyday life, he’ll take care of your small, regular needs and desires instead that’ll make you feel special. 

9. He looks for reasons to meet you 

Did he really want to borrow that book that day? Was he only passing by your house? Think again—maybe he was only looking for an opportunity to meet you. 

10. He’s becoming you

Watch him closely to see if he’s behaving like you in his daily life. We subconsciously become like the people we love, without knowing it. 

11. He would like to know more and more about you 

He shows genuine interest in your life. He asks for little details about you and would like to know everything that can bring him closer to you. 

12. He’s nervous around you 

Does he fidget with his things a lot when he’s around you? That’s probably because he’s terribly nervous around you and wants to come off as perfect, cool, and attractive at the same time.

13. He’s comfortable around you

He seems to be know his way around your place and he’s quite comfortable in the way he hangs around you. He leans closer each time he wants to talk to you and raises his eyebrows during conversations.

14. He can recall every detail about you anytime 

Because he listens to you carefully, he remembers each and every details of your life. 

15. He shares everything with you 

He tells intimate details about his life. There’s nothing in this world that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with you, that’s because he’s at ease when you’re around. 

16. He loves it when you laugh at his jokes 

He loves to hear you laugh at his silly jokes. It’s his favorite sport around you. 

17. He helps you with everything 

He’s the hero in your life, or that’s what he likes to feel when he’s around you. So he helps you with sorting your papers, getting things for the house, etc. He participates in your life’s activities. 

18. He keeps up his promises with you 

He’ll never break the promise he’s made you. Even if it means that he’ll have to go out of his way to maintain it. If he’s made a plan to see you, he will cancel everything that comes his way from meeting you. 

19. You’re not sure if he likes you 

If you think that there’s an obvious energy around him that makes you feel attracted to him, then go ahead and confirm it. Tell him how much you admire him, because there’s a chance that he really likes you too. 

If he likes you, he would give you enough hints for you to decipher it. 

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