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How People Block Their Own Success?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There’s this one main obstacle that many people share which blocks prosperity and success in almost every area of ​​their lives! What is that?

My answer is: a closed heart!

What is a “closed heart”?

It is the inner, subconscious unwillingness of a person to receive things in life.
A simple example. When you bring gifts to people, you are just doing something good for them, just like that, free of charge.

Some people gratefully accepted them, but in most cases, you immediately hear: “Okay, but why are you doing this? You shouldn’t have spent money on me!”. Actually, you’re doing good to people, and they kindly say” Thank you, but you didn’t need to do it.”

The problem is that we have learned well to give, but we haven’t learned how to receive or enjoy the fruits of our giving. Even when one says “Thank you”, instead of saying “You are welcome”, we say “It was nothing.”

So, what to do now?

Your inner state manifests through small things. And what you emit – you get in return. If you don’t know how to accept basic, little gratitude from people, how will you accept your destiny’s great opportunities and gifts?

Begin to accept all the good and the bed that’s coming into your life! Start today! Open your heart for any gifts and signs of attention coming your way.

Give your seat on the bus to someone – smile and ask them to sit. Give and accept. When you give yourself something say “May this serve me well!”

From today there is no “Don’t mention it”, “You didn’t need to”, “Why spend so much”. Only “Thank you”! Only acceptance!

And the more open your heart stays, the more you will emit this energy of gratitude into the world. And it will make miracles happen for you! You, as a magnet, will start to attract new opportunities and a fortunate destiny.

Most importantly, thank God for every day, for every chance, for every blessing, for every joy. For life, for every breath, for having the privilege to feel, give and receive.

This simple thing will open you a lot of doors, and the flow of abundance will reappear in your life!

God bless you!

P.S. And please when someone says “Thank you”, answer with joy “You are welcome”!

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