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Sagittarius New Moon On December 7th: Put Your Ideas In Motion

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by Conscious Reminder

It is probably difficult to believe the fact that the New Moon which comes is the last one of 2018, and it falls in the amazing Sagittarius sign.

The year is coming to an end. The influence of Sagittarius will give our spirits many dimensions and colors.

Reaching this last month of 2018, it will be normal to reflect on where we were in the past, how far we reached, as well as wonder what will come with the year which comes.

A lot of people are going to feel relieved and relaxed to leave this year in their past. New Years give us the expectation of what will come, as well as what we may do in order to improve and enrich our lives.

This year was a quite difficult one for a lot of people. But now, it will be an excellent time to let go of everything that occurred in 2018 and plant our new intentions for 2019.

Being in Sagittarius, the New Moon will help us in shining some light on everything we were going through in 2018, as well as in seeing our accomplishments, regardless of some obstacles which appeared on our way.

The New Moon that comes is about new beginnings and resting. As it is the ultimate one of 2018, it will be an excellent time to let go of old things and catch the new ones.

Also, it is time for better creativity. We should open ourselves to creativity, as well as permit inspirations into our lives, which are brought with this special and unusual time.

We should permit some new intentions and ideas to start growing. This period is all about planting our seeds about everything we would like to see obvious in our lives in the year that comes.

What can we actually do during this period?

  • Writing our intentions and plans for this cycle;
  • Sending our purposes to the divine;
  • Lighting a candle;
  • Watching the sunset;
  • Making some special meals;
  • Placing food outdoors for wild animals;
  • Embracing the new;
  • Showing our reverence for everything divine.

What we should release:

  • Disappointments;
  • Dissatisfactions from this year;
  • Regrets.

Such energies will keep us from moving forward in our lives. It is a time for transiting into our new self.

This New Moon is going to bring us the energy which we need in order to lead us in some better conditions and situations over the following month of lunar cycles. 

This is the right time for planning and resting for the new starts which will come. New Year means new love, growth, the start of renewal, bringing some things in, regenerating, and being thankful.

It is definitely a time for new undertakings and beginnings. It may be a beginning point of kicking bad habits or starting some project.

We should put every idea in motion, engage ourselves in it, as well as make some longer-term plans about relationships.

It is the period of instinctual and spontaneous action. Also, during this period, our efforts will become visible. Some transitions can also be accepted calmly than some other conditions.

We should set our new aims, as well as review those from previously, so we let them go.

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