Will The First Photo Of A Black hole And It’s Position Make Difference To Astrology?

by Conscious Reminder

After a century worth of debates whether Black holes actually exist or if they are simply a figment of one’s imagination, scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian have finally snapped a picture of a Black hole.

And it looks terrifying – like the eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Now, what does it mean for astrology? After all, it has always been considered to be an abstract theory without any proper, tangible evidence.

But now, we have evidence that it exists. It is located in the Messier 87, a galaxy located in Virgo that is 55 million light years away from Earth.

The New York Times reported that the lead scientist for this project, Shep Doeleman considered this to be ‘seeing something that was unseeable’.

According to NASA, a black hole is simply “a great amount of matter packed into a very small area — think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City.”

Interestingly, the existence of black holes has had different impacts on the world of astronomy and astrology.

Astronomers find this to be proving Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, whereas astrologers would use this to change the way we look at stars.

For, black holes have such a strong gravitational field that it sucks in everything – not even light can escape.

Although this is the first instance that a black hole has been pictured, it doesn’t disprove the fact that black holes have been said to exist since the creation of the universe. One such is Sagittarius A*, that resides in the center of our galaxy.

It is also the galactic center, meaning it impacts our birth charts in many different ways. Aliza Kelly, the author of ‘Mixology of Astrology- Cosmic Cocktail Recipes For Every Sign’, considers this center to be the sun’s sun.

Also, it is said that this black hole superimposes most of the decisions we would take in our lives, the journeys we would undertake, and the lessons we would learn. This is where we store our memories.

This irrefutable proof that black hole exists with the picture of one in Messier 87, has thrown the astrological community into a frenzy.

Kelly notes that this is a common phenomenon whenever a new planetary body is discovered, for it sends everyone over the loop trying to figure out what to do with it and where.

The mythology surrounding it and its geographical location matters to such an extent that, previously designed birth charts have been rendered obsolete with the discovery of this. In fact, this was the same that happened when Pluto and Chiron were discovered.

This isn’t surprising that so many people banding together to form something would always result in disagreements and conflicts. Even then it gets tough trying to prove it in context with existing notions and how to describe celestial events using them as an anchor.

The very presence of this black hole in Virgo is a direct testament to its slightly changing and transfiguring nature, most astrologers believe.

Liza Stardust talks about how its discovery in Virgo might be a signal from the universe to utilize our knowledge and wisdom to gain higher contact with the spiritual realm while letting go of things that are holding one back.

Both Messier 87 in Virgo and Sagittarius A* are signs that one needs to change and adapt with time. Something, that is necessary, given the present situation – historically, socially, and geographically.

Image Via Harvard Gazette 

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  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting… If what is presumed a “black-hole”, is in actuality just an “eclipse”~! It seems more study and time is needed, in order to assure the existence of this extraordinary “presumed” finding… Especially considering; the distance of the object (55 million light years!), the limits of our current technology (showing a clear and concise photo of this “evidence” at this distance), along with a consistent timely accounting (over the course of many years, not “one” snap shot of a moment in time) of it’s effects with other objects within it’s surrounding orbit… It would be amazing “if” this object is what they claim and presume it is (just because the “math” says it is, doesn’t necessarily mean it is! Numerous new forms of math are discovered all the time!)… Personally, I would prefer our tax dollars be spent in improving the planet we live on, rather than exploring the possibility and probability of polluting other celestial entities! Namaste…


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