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The Golden Blood: Less Than 50 People In The World Are Blessed With This Super-Rare Blood Type

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people in the world have the ability to name all the eight types of blood, but they may not know that they are more, and not just eight. In fact, each category has a subcategory, and one can have more subcategories while others can have less.

There is a type of blood which belongs to just 50 or even fewer people worldwide. Usually, it is called the golden blood because it may be shared only with the ones belonging to the Rh system.

However, it is difficult to get it for those that have that blood type. It is called Rh-null, and this type of blood has a lack of the total number of 61 probable antigens than other blood types.

You can be in danger if you have this blood type, taking in consideration that just ten donors in this whole world exist, so if you sometimes need a blood transfusion, in case of injury or something else, you will not be that lucky.

Importing and exporting this blood, or some other blood generally said, is quite complicated, and usually, it is not possible to bring in a small amount of something even when there is a need of it.

The Rh-null type of blood has been described for the first time in the year 1961, in one Aboriginal Australian woman.

But, until that time, doctors assumed that there was an embryo that was missing in all of the Rh blood cell agents which is not going to survive, let along grow normally, thriving adult. After almost five decades, in 201, the number of people with this blood reported around the world was 43.

This is a type of blood which usually runs in the family members, which means when there is one of them with this rare blood there will possibly be another too. To get this blood type can be a hard case, even harder than anyone can imagine.

Although this blood, even though is called golden, is not gold at all, it is worth just like it is. It is definitely going to be more comfortable when every one of us would have an identical type of blood, but that is not reality. It can even save a lot of lives than we can even imagine which makes it mind-blowing.

The antigens which are in this Rh blood system are expressed with two proteins, the one being RhD and the second being RhCE. In order to work in the proper way, they will need an additional glycoprotein which is called RhAG.

Together, RhCE, RhD, RHAg in combination with, C47, LW glycoprotein, IAP, glycophorin B, or probably Duffy protein too, will form the core complex which will be placed in the red cell membrane.

The core group is going to transport NH4/NH3 or even CO2/O2 throughout the membrane. With this, they are supporting the normal and spherical structure of RBC, which means it may bring energy to our body.

However, in the Rh-null blood, red blood cells’ integrity will form into so-called stomatocytes. Those people that have this blood type are usually anemic as they have fragile red blood cells.

This blood type is also extremely significant for medicine, and it is fascinating because of a lot of reasons.

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