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Can Helicopter Parents Be Harmful For Their Overprotected Kids?

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There have been countless studies and reports which show the amount of damage that is done to a child’s psyche if they’ve suffered a lot of abuse and drama while young.

Reading such reports, any responsible parent would cringe at the thought and make sure that nothing like that happens to their own child.

Well, apparently the other extreme is not too good for children as well.

It has now been proved that parents who coddle and protect their children too much, are setting them up for a life of stress, anxiety and a lack of confidence.

Overprotective parents can cause just as much trauma as an abusive household.

The number of young people who feel easily overwhelmed and helpless is rising steadily.

These are the youngsters who think that they are always the victim and that there is nothing that they could do which would change things for them.

And there are two kinds of childhood experience which are said to lead to such a mentality- either a very abusive household or an extremely pampering one.

Both of these could cause lifelong trauma to the child and his or her confidence.

The reason why bubble wrapped or overly pampered kids find it hard to navigate on their own in life is because they have never been allowed to get out of their comfort zone.

All the difficult decisions that form someone’s personality were already taken care of, by their parents or some other protective figure. As a result, they never learned to stand on their own or have any kind of autonomy and confidence.

Also, because they were never reprimanded for their mistakes and generally made a fuss of, they never learnt responsibility.

As a child they were never held accountable for anything and therefore as a child they feel entirely at loss.

They are never taught to fight for themselves and so they never learn how to stand up on their own.

It is necessary for every child to learn from their own disappointments and sadness. Only then can they evolve as well rounded citizens.

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