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Do These Things To Remind Yourself Of How Happy You Are

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by Conscious Reminder

Everyone deserves to be happy. But in the present generation, happiness is a myth. It is fleeting, and the more we search for it, the more it evades us.

Happiness is a state of mind and considering the state of mind that prevails in the 21st century, happiness is really hard to find. Here are 4 different ways through which one could bring back happiness into their lives.

Count your Blessings

One could always keep a journal or a book where you just simply keep some pics and write about moments that made you happy. This book would always serve you to laugh and remember those times when you were surrounded with the ones you love.

So, when you fill your cell phone or iPad with pictures that make you happy, it is going to give you enough time to compose yourself.


Make a playlist- Spotify is the best for this. Choose upbeat relaxing songs that put you in a state of calm. Songs that put your belief in humanity back to where it was.

It doesn’t have to be songs though- could be podcasts of something interesting or cute videos of puppies even!

A Gratitude Journal

This is going to help you in times of need. A gratitude journal is simply a book that is filled with little appreciation for everything around you.

Be it the twittering of the birds, or the swaying of the leaves in the wind, you are simply showing your appreciation for everything that is around you.

This book can be used to provide joy and comfort when you are losing your cool. Also, it doesn’t have to be nature that you are thankful for- you can be thankful for humanity too.

Take a Walk

Get out of the 4 walls of your room and experience life as it truly should be- amidst greenery and peace. If you find this peace around you, life will get really easy for you.

The niggle in your mind will loosen its hold as you simply focus on the gentle curves of the rose petals while watching the clouds high up in the sky. Beauty is in everything- it simply needs a mindset to be appreciated.

You are the keeper of your own happiness. If you don’t work for it, no one else will. So you need to go out in different ways and make sure that your desire for happiness doesn’t just remain a dream.

You are too precious for that.

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