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New Moon in Cancer 2024: The Collision of Love & Fate

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by Conscious Reminder

The first new moon of summer is almost here, taking place on July 5–6 at 6:58 p.m. ET/12:58 a.m. CET. This new moon in Cancer encourages us to tap into our sentimental side.

Embracing new ideas, experiences, and relationships can be a gradual process for those born under the Cancer zodiac sign. When the crab passes away, it will unveil a radiant and passionate heart brimming with love, loyalty, and creativity. Be prepared to exercise patience during this lunation, as Cancers have their own sense of timing. It may take some time to witness the positive evolution of our lives, but rest assured, it will happen.

The lunar cycle is initiated by new moons on a monthly basis. When the sun and moon align in the sky, the moon becomes invisible to the naked eye. This is commonly referred to as the dark moon. During the new moon, which is the first phase of the lunar cycle, we have the opportunity to set intentions and express our aspirations for the upcoming weeks. If you’re looking to embark on a fresh chapter in life or give a boost to a new project, the new moon is the ideal time to take action. Setting intentions during the new moon can yield significant results.

With the new moon in Cancer, governed by the moon, this lunation prompts us to rely on our emotions, intuition, and self-awareness to guide our decision-making. Discovering and nurturing a profound connection with ourselves enables us to progress, develop, and transcend gracefully alongside the new moon. At this juncture, we have the opportunity to discover the true depths of our passions and aspirations. Engaging in activities that bring us genuine joy can have a profound impact on our overall well-being. By embracing these moments, we can fuel our passions and make significant strides towards achieving our goals and aspirations.

Given the nostalgic nature of Cancer, it would be beneficial to reflect on the activities from our childhood that brought us immense joy. Which dreams stand out from our youth? What was our desired pursuit? Who did we aspire to become? By carefully contemplating these questions, we can gain insight into the areas of our lives that we may wish to enhance and transform. Moreover, it presents us with an opportunity to address and resolve our past issues. With the centaur Chiron and the asteroids Juno, Ceres, and Pallas in the mix, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. These celestial bodies guide us towards embracing our shadow self and inner child, enabling us to break free from the cycle of familial trauma or, at the very least, recognize the patterns as they unfold.

The presence of Mars in Taurus and Saturn retrograde in Pisces, along with their influence on the new moon, encourages us to strive for excellence at our own rhythm. When Mars is in Taurus, it tends to move at a more measured pace compared to other signs. This deliberate approach brings a sense of tranquility as it avoids hasty actions to maintain stability. Saturn’s retrograde motion provides us with an opportunity to take charge and carefully assess the choices we must make, considering the challenging connection between the new moon and the Nodes of Destiny.

The fixed stars Sirius and Canopus are in alignment with the new moon. According to the stars, it seems that a little change and stepping out of our comfort zones could do us some good. Releasing our fears and shedding old thought patterns will open our eyes to the vast array of opportunities that await us. Canopus is associated with fame, but it also brings emotional baggage and challenges that one must face. Many individuals are often intrigued by the impact their choices have on their loved ones, prompting them to seek alternative routes during the occurrence of a new moon.

Despite our proactive approach, we are maintaining a calm and composed demeanor. We are prioritizing our needs and actively working towards achieving our goals. Achieving meaningful things in life requires time and effort. By sowing the seeds at this moment, one can expect significant transformations and achievements in the times to come.

Take your time and be patient. 

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