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Summer Is Almost Here And This Is How You Can Stimulate Your Creative Side

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by Conscious Reminder

The people that live in the North Hemisphere are in the final weeks of the spring season and are already looking toward the summer season. Summer is actually the season of the Sun – bright, warm, and long days.

Symbolically, our Sun actually represents the ways we are shining and everything we are putting our life forces into creating. How is creativity defined?

A lot of people often get uncomfortable simply by hearing this word, as if it is a challenge about making something worthy of exhibition.

In fact, everything that we make in our lives is a kind of creation. We are a kind of creation, or our garden’s plants are a kind of creation.

Creativity is just making our ideas reality. Here are the three ways in which we can inspire creativity during the month of June:


Fun and play shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, when our heart is wide open, and we are having an excellent time, it will radiate into everything we do.

We do not need to overplay anything. We can pick only one thing for one week only because we would like to do it. That can be walking in the forest, eating ice cream or picking the film we wanted to watch since long ago.

Play is the main key to the development of every level, and it only feels good. Happiness will change the chemistry of our body.

Happy thoughts will increase serotonin, which is the happy chemical of the brain – the one frequently addressed with some anti-depressants. Sunshine will also release serotonin, so we have to go outside during the summer and enjoy!

Sleep and have big dreams.

It is quite difficult to become creative or even excited about something when we are exhausted. The summer season is not supposed to feel like a hard period. When the Sun is really hot, we will need shade.

We should do everything we can in order to sleep well at night. Dreams will be a potent inspiration for creativity. That’s why we should indulge in some beautiful dream journals, hitting the pillow for adventures in our unconscious.

Despite regular sleep, every person needs time in order to absorb life. In fact, reflection can be revealing, and it will give us the opportunity actually to see everything in a completely new light.

We should find a good balance between taking time and pushing forward to appreciate everything we have already achieved, regardless of how far we have come.

Do what we love.

Regardless of how much other people depend on us, we deserve also to do what we really love. We deserve it more than anyone, and we are not supposed to live without that.

What we do with love will create more love, which means that we shouldn’t put it off anymore. We should find some ways to do it frequently. When we follow our desires, they are going to find us, maybe faster than we will find them.

If we are still discovering the things we love, we should continue exploring unless we find out. In fact, for some people, the things that they love can change with time. This means that self-discovery will never get old.

Unless we try it, we can never know why and how much we like it. One amazing thing related to love is the fact that it is contagious. When we are doing what we love, it will be like some magnet.

People will be drawn to us and to everything we do. Even better, those people will feel the need to do that for themselves too. Regardless of what is created, life simply has it a little brighter and better.

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