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8 Ways Narcissists Keep Their Romantic Partners Under Control

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by Conscious Reminder

When in a relationship, a narcissist can be very controlling. When talking about the things happening in the life of a narcissist or his or her partner, everything will go south quite quickly when he or she isn’t in charge.

A narcissist is a person that has something a lot of people call the narcissistic personality disorder or NPD.

Such a personality disorder will inflate his or her sense of significance and leaves him or her seeking attention all the time, together with lacking empathy or compassion for other people.

Regardless of how much we want to stay by a narcissistic person, it will not always be an excellent idea. It is really important to know our limits and be aware of every tactic that a narcissist can utilize to gain the needed control over us and our lives.

These are the eight ways in which a narcissist gains and keeps control over their partners in relationships:

A narcissist will overstep our boundaries over and over again.

Our boundaries don’t matter to a narcissistic person. With the help of means of maintaining control, narcissists will push us away with every chance they get. When they let this happen more, it is going to become more frequent too.

A narcissist is constantly gaslighting us.

A narcissist will use manipulation tactics, one such being gaslighting. This basically means to lie to us in order to make us think we are crazy. We might confront our partner about certain things with proof in order to show, but they are still going to deny it. Such things, if keep happening, will make us seriously question our sense of reality.

A narcissist nitpicks unless we go out of our ways to make sure everything is done in “their way.”

As they need to actually have their own ways, we will not have the ability to escape from them. The more we do, the more the narcissist will nitpick, and when we do not sit down or do something as he or she would like it to be, he or she will always complain.

A narcissist will make us feel inferior.

As narcissists want us to feel that they are too good people for us, they are going to do everything in order to make us feel inferior. They are going to do or say things which will make us feel like we don’t deserve them. This will give them the chance to force us into everything they want to, as we would not like it if they leave us.

A narcissist constantly changes the subject in order to avoid calling out.

A narcissist hates when he or she is called out, which will make him or her do everything in order to ensure that they do not need to face these same consequences anymore. When we start talking about something, they are constantly going to change the subject. We will not have the ability to confront him or her in the proper way about anything.

A narcissist will fight unless we are exhausted.

A narcissist is prepared to do everything in order to win every argument. They are going to fight with us unless we simply cannot fight anymore, and will force us to give up. Although it will seem like it isn’t worth the battle, giving up will be exactly what a narcissist wants.

A narcissist will make us think that he or she is going to change.

In fact, when talking about keeping ourselves around narcissists, they are going to make us believe that they will change. We might tell them something that bothers us, and they will make us believe that it will never happen. Unfortunately, it is going to happen again and again.

A narcissist will make us feel special.

Narcissists will make us feel special right when we really need that. They will utilize the charming personality they have to rope us back in, making us think that everything is fine. Actually, this is their ways of keeping us right where we are needed or wanted.

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