5 Crystals To Help You Navigate Through The Harvest Full Moon

by Conscious Reminder

Harvest Moon is the first Full Moon of Autumn. Being in the water sign of Pisces, the Harvest Moon on the 14th of September, 2019 will be emotionally charged.

To help you navigate these tricky waters, we have 5 crystals here. Use them how you like and stay in control this Harvest Moon:

Apache Tear

This crystal is most effective in helping someone get over grief and trauma. Since the Full Moon gets out feelings of trauma that could be present since childhood, you need this black obsidian volcanic crystal that will help you reconcile with past differences.

The best way to use it would be by placing it in your pocket, since it protects one from psychic attacks, and gives way for positive vibrations.


This stone is yet another needed to provide compassion to the mind. It helps in letting go of unresolved traumas of one’s past. And the Full Moon is all about working on emotional trauma.

All you need to do is keep it on your desk at work, and let it calm you down. This stone is effective when you are applying for interviews or other assessment purposes. The Full Moon might get a bit rough, so use it to not get lost in the intricacies of it all.


One of the most famous and effective crystals around, this silvery purple crystal actually contains lithium, one that is used as an anti-depressant and in anti-anxiety pills. This will be important this Full Moon for we would be simply balancing the struggles our emotions would suffer through.

The best way to use it would be to put it under your pillow and sleep. For, apart from maintaining a balance in your emotions, it also prevents nightmares.

Clear Topaz

This crystal will be able to provide you with a very existential meaning to your life. If you are searching for your identity, this crystal will deliver you some meaning behind what previously seemed incomprehensible.

When you are constantly questioning the existence behind everything that seems to draw out the past, this helps.

The best way to use this crystal would be placing it under the moonlight and searching for the images that come up. But you can’t just look at it with a disturbed mind. You need to clear your mind and then look at the clairvoyant images.


This Full Moon would need the compassionate healing of this crystal. When you are filled with heartbreak, you need this crystal to console you and get rid of your sorrows.

Rhodochrosite can be used for meditation. Use it while you are thinking about forgiveness. Since the Full Moon might bring out incidents from your past to wound you, you need to use this crystal to get around it and resolve it.

These crystals would definitely help if you believe in them. Have a safe Moon ahead!

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