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There Are No Coincidences When It Comes To Twin Flames

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Take two mirrors and make them face each other in a room. You will see an infinite number of reflections of each in the other.

That’s the most accurate description of the twin-flame phenomenon. When you get into a relationship, you get to see your own spirituality in another person; this is especially helpful because finding your own spirituality in your own self is very difficult for most people.

This is a rare and unique opportunity for both partners as they can catch a glimpse of their own souls inside another person.

But it is not always that twin flames get into a relationship as they can be connected together even while not being physically close or being in a relationship with each other. They sync on a higher level than common people.

Spiritual connection and being on the same dimension is a very common thing among these special couple.

This also happens in case of the soulmates phenomenon (unlike this, soulmates have complementary souls, souls that complete each other), there are uncanny similarities between the two partners.

This is no mere coincidence however. This is a signal from the cosmos: you two are predestined to be together, it’s not up to you to decide otherwise. And your union serves some higher purpose.

The uncanny similarities can be same birthdays, same favourites and we are talking specifics, same schooling etc.

A couple of my friends, who fell in love as everyone wanted and expected, were born in the same hospital. They didn’t know these till after they got married to each other.

Among such twin-flames telepathy too is common.

Such things happen because these are signs: you must understand, two copies of the same person can achieve twice the amount of work done than a single one.

Twin-flames are almost always seen to collaborate on something or the other. Even if that doesn’t happen, there is double the chance and scope for spiritual growth for the partners.

In case these things make sense to you, and you relate to them, do not let go of such a partner at any cost. This is a pre-destined thing and you will realise it one day.

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