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Mental Strength And 6 Common Misconceptions That We Need To Reconsider

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by Conscious Reminder

Mental strength is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted concepts. We expect a person with great mental strength to remain strong and unaffected at all times which isn’t fair.

It’s essential for some us to unlearn our preconceived notions of mental strength and that’s what this article is for. Keep reading to find out what mental strength is really about.

Six common misconceptions about mental strength:

1. Just because you are mentally strong does not mean you will be positive 24/7.

It’s not possible for a person to remain strong all the time. They might have a more hopeful outlook and try to make the best of things but don’t blame them for being down in the dumps at times.

2. Being mentally strong doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to give up.

There is no point in continuing to fight a losing battle. The strongest people will know when it’s time to give up the fight.

3. There is nothing wrong with knowing your limits

While it’s great to want to do better and raise your standards, some things are just not possible. Those with mental strength know that they can’t achieve certain things and they don’t let that pull them down.

4. You don’t have to succeed all the time.

Sometimes life just pulls you down and that is okay as long as you know you’ve done the right thing. You have to fall before you learn to fly.

5. Mentally strong people are not afraid to say no.

Mentally strong people are confident in their opinions and know they do not always have to give in to others. They will not change themselves for fear of other people’s opinions.

6. You can embrace change without liking it.

While a mentally strong person will outwardly look like they’re handling a change well, they might be feeling very upset inside. Just because they are strong doesn’t mean they are emotionless.

If you feel that you need to gain more mental strength, watch Amy Morin’s Tedx talk titled ‘The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong’ for more knowledge.

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