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How To Take Your Life Back When You’re Broken

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How to tackle your life when life puts you through the toughest lows.

Time is a big healer, but this can be true only when you make the right use of that time. It is normal to feel disheartened and broken when crisis hits your life. Human beings have innate ability to fight back, to take charge of their lives. One has to get the hold back on their lives deliberately even if they feel low or uninspired. It is important not to get hit by the circumstances and become what the situation wants you to become. Rather you must get your power back and here is how you can do it:

Work out

People tend to eat, sleep or indulge in everything wrong that can put their life out of track when they are depressed. If you are going through a bad time, just get back to your workout routine. Put extra effort and get back your energy and strength. As you toughen yourself, you can gain your power back.

Travel or go to a new place

Expose yourself to a new environment away from the place which reminds you of the hurt or the disturbing incidents. When the surroundings change, you get the time and space to heal, to think differently.

Change your life

Visit a therapist to get help. You will be able to interpret the happenings of your life differently and understand why things happened the way they happened. There will be seeds of growth hidden in the past which you need to recognize and work on them to bring yourself new opportunities.

Include new people

You need positive people who are uncomplicated and can bring positivity to your life. Get rid of toxic people who have wounded you, left you with scars that require so much effort to heal. It is time you want to include the right people in your life who help you feel better and get the best out of your life.

Relate your story

You don’t need to be apologetic about what happened to you. Join groups who have gone through similar crisis in life. Share your pain with right people who are kind and considerate and inspire others. They can learn from your life and avoid the mistakes you made.

Try to look different

This is not about not liking the way you looked or appeared in the past. It is about bringing a change to your appearance to freshen your mind and spirit. When you do this, you are not trying to copy or look like someone else, but groom yourself better the way you want.

Eliminate things that don’t work

When you are forced to start your life once again, it brings you the opportunity to get rid of toxic relationships, bad jobs, wrong work environment and bad living surroundings. When your life is in ruin, you have nothing to risk to introduce changes. However, you need to be wise and intelligent while selecting these changes.

Allow yourself to let go

This is the most important thing, if you really want to start afresh. Things that have happened in the past cannot be undone but clinging to the loss can make your life even more miserable.

Take good care of your health

Being emotionally down or distressed is somewhat similar to being sick. You need as much care to recover as you do when you are physically sick. Take rest, hydrate yourself and if needed take medicines. This will help you to get back on your feet faster and less painfully.

Go through your life events

Your past is nothing more than a story. When you let yourself to understand this, you feel light and liberated. Take the help of narrative therapist with whom you can sit down and re-frame the happenings of your life or write them down until you can figure out what led to your present situation. Identify the little opportunities that had been there even amid the series of events that led to the bad phase. Move ahead with the lesson to make use of little positive opportunity that comes your way in the future.

Connect with people having same experience

Though friends and relatives would want to empathize with you, but only someone who has been through something similar will be able to understand how you feel. Find such people. They could be available anywhere in the virtual or real world. Read their experiences and imbibe their words of wisdom. Tell yourself constantly that you are not alone or left out.

Disconnect for a full week

Leave everything aside and spend an entire week away from all things that matter in your day to day life. Just go to a place where you cannot connect to your social media account. There are so many trivial things you can do without but you will understand this only when you get away.

Bond deeply with those who love you

The people who are with you in your in the worst phase of your life are the ones who really care for you. Take not of those people because they are the only ones who are going to mean the most throughout your life. Bond with them and tell them how much you appreciate their existence in your life.

Eat healthy

We are what we eat. Foods have the power to build our physical and mental strength. Consume vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meat in adequate quantities. Follow this for a month and you will notice the improvement in your energy levels.

Enroll in a course to learn something new

Knowledge is wealth and when you learn new things you get the opportunity to get new perspectives towards life. With new knowledge you also get to widen your horizons and get to do new and better things with your life.

Manage your finances

Much of the problems happen, when our expenses go haywire. If you are not able to control your spending habits you are certainly not in control of your life. Have a close look at what you spend and try to control your spending. Being able to live within your means will help you get rid of additional worries and problems.

Hearing your own praise is good

No matter how strong you are you will always need love and affection. From time to time we all need to be reminded how wonderful you are. Admiration coming from the right people is not flattery but true words that will help you to feel better in times of distress.

Enjoy the process of change, don’t worry

Don’t wait to be happy. Most people think they would be happy when they would accomplish a set goal. Many times such goals are never accomplished. Instead of waiting to be happy, you can feel happiness by causing little changes to your life that is part of your journey toward that success.

Learn another language

Learning a non-native language will help you to understand that there is an entire new world that operates very differently than yours. It will allow you to know a whole new world and understand new realities which will help you to feel better and less distraught.

Give up

The things which hold us back are difficult to give up. It is strange, but is true. Most of the times we are not able to identify such factors. Introspect and understand that the very things you have been used to may be creating obstacles in making positive changes in your life. It will take a lot of strength to move out of your comfort zone. But if you do you can use it as an opportunity to achieve things that you had always wanted to.

Believe that you can be happy

Don’t let circumstances lead you to believe you cannot be happy. Get rid of self-doubts and guilt and seize every opportunity to that shows any promise of happiness.

Draw boundaries to keep away toxic people

There are always going to be people who can manage to hurt you with their toxicity. You have to learn to draw clear boundaries between you and toxic people. It could be a person you love, but what good they can be to you if they constantly pull you down with their toxic behavior?

Give up a vice for 100 days

You may not be able to give up drinking alcohol, smoking, eating junk food and any other thing which you know is not good for you, forever. But, what if you just try to leave one of them for just 100 days? It sounds challenging, but if you succeed you will feel better. Perhaps, you may like the change so much that you want not to indulge in the vice any more.

Try to overcome your worst fears

It may sound a bit ridiculous, but there is nothing more empowering than being able to conquer something that you fear the most. It will make you stronger and more capable of defeating the odds.

Appreciate the changes

Just look back and appreciate the fact you are no longer the person you used to be- lost, unsure and insecure. You are now more positive and confident. Appreciate yourself for all the efforts you have made even though you are still on your way to be what you desire to be.

Forgive others, yourself and every other thing

It is essential to get rid of the baggage in which you are carrying hate and anger for others and yourself. As you move on the path to redemption, forgive all those people who had hurt you. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you had committed. This will allow you the much needed space to walk towards a better future and peaceful life.

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