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The Game Plan For Libra Season Has A Lot To Do With Self-Care

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by Conscious Reminder

About once a month, the Sun enters a new sign in the zodiac. This period is called a “season”, and the prevailing sign’s energy has a big influence on life.

The 2021 Libra Season also starts with the autumn equinox – a date when the day and night are almost equal in time.

Libra, peaceful and harmonizing, is the 2nd of the 3 zodiac air signs. It also belongs to “triplicity” or the quality of the cardinals. Cardinal signs are driven by leadership.

They are discerning and sometimes feel a little entitled as well. They are usually pioneers and initiators, but sometimes, this can go too far and make them seem like alpha.

Here are some ways of harmonizing and balancing your life at this period of time:

1. Detox Yourself Digitally

Libra stands for interpersonal relationships. Think of when you last truly connected with someone else through some sort of physicality? Perhaps a dance or chat over some coffee? As lovely as it sounds, something like this has become rarer in this age of constant connectivity via smartphones.

Moreover, our world is obsessed with productivity. So building relationships is often believed to be a useless task. It’s far easier to just connect via the screen because it does not require a union of the soul.

If you think it is difficult to unplug, then there is even more reason for you to do it. Take some time off from a few of your social media over the coming 4 weeks. Or, you can just make one day of the week a screen-free one. Try to enjoy yourself and relax without always having a device at hand.

2. Take It Slow And Nice

Venus rules Libra. As such, Libra is the most beautiful sign of all. During this season, all of us can embrace the feminine divine energy, all around us.

An easy method of starting out will be taking your time while putting your meals together. It can be your meals, workspace, or outfits. Consider waking up and getting to bed as a ritual. Libra time’s decadent phase will feel much better if there are even small adjustments in your mindless, usual rushing.

Modern culture may be obsessed with efficiency, but this season is the opposite. This is the time to maximize your pleasure from every single experience.

3. Infuse Beauty Into Your Life

This season is the time for filling your heart with sounds and sights. Have a custom-tailored uplifting playlist. Or, look at some gorgeous natural scenery, sculptures, or paintings. Make something by yourself and unleash your creativity. Have beauty surrounding you: art, fresh flower vases, and happy mementos are all great.

4. Decide To Love

Libra Season comes with tenacious grace. So, even while facing your most hated rival, can you push yourself and see them with compassion?

The two of you may have extremely different perspectives on some aspects of life. But that does not mean that there won’t be any common ground. Perhaps both of you like the same type of entertainment, or like traveling? Remember that neither of you needs to let go of your “ideals”, to find this common ground.

Of course, in this current age of discrimination, polarizing politics, and social injustices, it might be very tough. But being locked inside a chamber where you only hear yourself does not help in growth either. Who knows, if you can be understanding enough, your opponents may be inspired to follow the same path.

Virgo Season was all about locating our flaws. Libra season is here to make us work together and fix these cracks.  

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