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Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Open 2019 With A Bang

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by Conscious Reminder

On 21st January, people are going to get a dual treat. There will not only be a Super Moon, but there is also going to be one Blood Moon that is going to be an excellent way of starting the following year.

In fact, a Blood Moon is the one which happens at a time of a total lunar eclipse, while a Super Moon is actually a new or full moon which occurs when it is in the nearest point to the planet Earth.

Both of these are interesting and exciting phenomena which sometimes may occur simultaneously. Happening at the same period, there will be a Super Blood Moon that is another interesting and beautiful concept.

What is a total lunar eclipse?

At a time of a total lunar eclipse, the moon appears almost red colored. The reason for this is the way in which the shadows of the planet Earth appear while the moon is passing through it.

A lunar eclipse will only happen on full moon times and only when the Moon, Sun, and Earth are perfectly lined up. So, although it is said to be a Blood Moon, the coppery tones will actually depend on the amount of dust which the atmosphere has.

When the amount is larger, the moon is going to look darker red. Generally, even though Blood Moons don’t appear regularly, we can see them once or also twice in one year, so the one that comes, and even together with a Super Moon, is even rarer.

What is a Super Moon?

As this is also going to be the time of the Super Moon, the moon is going to be quite bigger. When it is closer to the planet, it looks even bigger. So, a Super Moon occurs when the Moon is, in fact, on the other end of the planet from Sun, and the one which is noted at its nearest point. This is not a thing that occurs commonly, but there are several Super Moons in a year.

A lot of people actually believe that the Super Moon is brighter than other moons, however, that often varies. The term Super Moon is used for almost 40 years, which means that it is a new one yet. Even though the Super Moon which is about to come is not going to be the nearest that ever happened, it is going to be quite close.

When will the meeting happen?

At the time when the Super Moon and the Blood Moon happen on the same night or day, we are going to get extra bright, as well as noticeably enormous reddish Full Moon. Every one of us will be looking at that pretty shape in the night sky. From the 87 total lunar eclipses of this century just 28 of them are going to happen simultaneously like a Super Moon, so don’t miss them out.

In order to see this spectacular event, you should stay awake late and be quite patient. The primary hints of this eclipse are going to start hitting the moon on the 20th of January, late at night.

During this phase, you can prepare for the total lunar eclipse, which is going to start on the 21st of January. Our Moon is going to be in a total eclipse for less than one hour, and it will turn an orange-red color because of the Earth’s shadows.

Although it does not sound mind-blowing like some people imagine, it will be an attractive sight. So, if you missed seeing Super Blood Moons in the past, you can take a look on the one which will come in January.

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