Aquarius Solar Eclipse And New Moon On February 15th, 2018 ∼ Positive Turning Point

by Conscious Reminder

We have a pleasant surprise lined up for the spiritual practitioners in the form of a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse during mid of February. It is gesturing the arrival of a source of mindfulness.

New Moon is symbolic of novel commencements when you can take new goals and challenges looking through the old ones. It brings everybody a chance to have a “hit refresh” moment with which you can expect great outcomes in these new directions.

With the onset of Valentine’s week, most people seek a partner more than ever for this time of the year acts as a constant realization of not being with someone to the ones who are still single. There couldn’t be a better time to make it right.

Going out there and making a fresh start in your love life could be the thing for you. Love is something you’re ready to bring into your life with all the passion that it takes.

Full Moon will not be happening in the month of February this year as it was in year 1999 the last time and happens only 4 times in a hundred years, February being the only month in which this is possible as it has lesser number of days than a lunar eclipse lasts. Because of this, the month before and after would have two Full Moons like this very year.

The Solar eclipse of this month is occurring in Aquarius. So exchange of ideas and innovation will remain the primary focus as Mercury gets brought in line with it. We might want to talk about affection, friendship, well-being and remedy with respect to this event. All these topics will ultimately lead to advancement in information and technology making lives better.

Apart from the Solar Eclipse, the said time is a start of the Chinese year of the Earth Dog. This will also bring more cooperative and easy going rule in the picture.

How can we bring love in our life with the help of this event?

-Believe in yourself and start to notice how special you are. Make it a point that you give yourself a confidence boost daily.

-Look for peace and satisfaction within and you will find it.

-If and when you find some you find special, go for making a physical contact. It would make the best impact you could make on that person in order to spur things up.

-Understand what is it that you seek by being in a committed relationship. Picture yourself being with that someone and try to define their qualities.

During this time, it would also be important that you take a big step in towards bringing up a change in yourself in accordance with the change that you would like to see in the world you live in.

You can also raise your energies by humming, thudding and intonation for it would be required in making a fresh start with the following rituals:

-Be it a new assignment or a bond with someone, have at it.

-Make a list of a few new goals that you set looking inside through yourself.

-Ablaze a candle and perform the act of meditation picturing all the happy thoughts.

-Give yourself a day or two off to feel the energies around you.

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