Highly Sensitive People, Just Remind Yourself Of These 10 Things If You’re Experiencing Anxiety

by Conscious Reminder

Do things affect you differently? Make you overwhelmed with feelings? You might be one of the highly sensitive people.

We are creative, considerate and empathetic, but we tend to get anxious more often than we think. It’s terrible. But don’t worry, think about it in this way:

Anxiety is part of you

You really can’t help it. You will become anxious when you meet something bad. Don’t let it get you down. Think about the positive things it will bring. It makes you considerate and creative. You are empathetic and learn things about people easily. Do you really want to give that up?

Feeling will pass

The feeling can be just to overwhelming. You almost hate yourself for feeling this strongly while others just look like statues. Don’t worry, it’ll pass. Feelings are like the weather. They’ll just come for a moment and the next moment you’ll be feeling something happy. So, don’t let it take over you just yet.

Open up

Whenever you’re feeling really anxious, talk with someone. Remember you are sensitive and you need people around you – you can feel their energy. And trust me, talking helps. Anxiety can make you feel like you are alone in this world – but you are not. Don’t let that thought pass in your mind. Let go of your constraints and chat.

Don’t Run away from problems

As sensitive people, we get affected a lot more than others. So, it’s understandable that you would want to run away from things that scare you. Don’t. With sensitivity comes immense strength. Use it. Anxiety only increase if you are running away. Face your problems – I know you can overcome them.

You can’t control everything

Stop trying to control everything. We cannot control everything but we can control our reaction to the outside world. Especially for us sensitive people. Relax and start questioning your reactions to everything. If it’s affecting you negatively, stop thinking about it.

Try something to relax yourself

Have you tried meditating? Inhale deeply. Try to have a cup of camomile tea. Take a bath. Do some aerobics. There are so many ways you can control your anxiety. Distract yourself. Netflix and chill.

Keep things in Perspective

The trouble of being sensitive is that we start overanalysing things. No all is not wrong. Let’s start by keeping things into perspective. Let’s be realistic. We have to look at things objectively. This will help your anxiety for sure.

So, stop worrying too much. Accept yourself and look at things objectively. Remember you’re special and the world needs you. That’s something to be glad about!

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