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Pisces New Moon, March 17th, 2018 ∼ Intense Feelings And Expressive Sexuality

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by Conscious Reminder

On this 17th of March the new moon falls at an angle of 26° on Pisces decan 3. This is the time of fluctuation and change. The time just before our rebirth into something new.

Significance of New Moon in Pisces Decan 3

This decan is known for volatile temperaments. We will find that we are being short tempered and prone to lashing out with little to no intimation at all. This might prove challenging, especially when we lose our cool in a relationship or any other professional or personal project.

This decan is also known for how important public opinion is for them. They’d either strive very hard to shine in the eyes of others, and if they can’t win the praise, they will raise hell for the infamy.

The new moon also happens to fall on Matar, a fixed star located at the knee of the constellation Pegasus. Which indicated agility in thought and actions.

Astrology and Aspects

The moon is in a square aspect with Mars. It means that Mars will instill a huge drive to be aggressive and come out on top no matter what. Sexuality too would play a major part in you overcoming your obstacles. This urge to succeed won’t remain limited to self. Family too will hold a position of power in everything you do and say. You’d feel protective of your loved ones and would want nothing but the best for them.

The only aspect worth mentioning is towards the conjunction of Mercury and Venus towards north. They fall on the constellation Andromeda’s Alpheratz. This might indicate a drive to break free of constraints and finding your way. One needs to keep in mind that the competitiveness of Mars doesn’t turn into uncalled pressure on the younger members of the family.

The Meaning of New Moon

New Moon is the time for us to start anew. We are filled with the energy to make new beginnings possible. But, this is also the time when we get no sun. So this is like working without any guidance relying solely on instincts. It might do good at such a point to show some caution.

You need to discern and recognize whether it is truly a gut feeling or just some ancestor trying to get heard. This is the time for creation. And whatever you decide to start now will definitely go very far so make your choices carefully.


As mentioned before, Pisces decan 3 might make you very impulsive or short tempered. So to soothe your mind try yoga and meditation.

In conclusion

This new moon will not be easy. You will have to make some sacrifices before you can hope for the results. You will have every urge to be rash and impulsive, but you need to practice patience.

This is a time when you will be very driven to reach the top and succeed, but if you are not careful you’ll find yourself in a embarrassing situation. Even though Mars is all about action, but sometimes it might turn ways and be a bit passive.

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