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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Ever heard of the phrase: ‘think outside the box’?

This very common phrase has been drummed into our ears by so many sources that is hard to keep track of now. But how many of us can say that we understood what it means and did what it asked us to do?

We humans are slaves of habit. We get used to patterns of behaviour, denying the very basic fact of change.

Change is everything; what you were doing a year ago you won’t be doing five years from now, in some way or the other.

And what is more, not only the world around you, but your very body is broken down and made from scratch every seven years.

Yes, every seven years, you get a new body because your body takes that exact period of time to change each and every cell of your body.

This is the riddle of the ship of Theseus all over again. What you call yours right now, be it something you cherish, or even a relationship that cannot be quantified, will change, for the better or for the worse in the future.

So do the same life strategies work over and over again, year after year? Well, of course they do not.

Human beings need to keep evolving, especially in today’s world, where the problems facing us are not individual anymore. For example: climate change. The fact that some kind hearted soul is using eco-friendly products in a first-world country is hardly going to make a difference.

The only solution, both on an individual and collective level, is out-of-the-box thinking; drastic changes that are likely to be rejected for their radicalness but are ground-breaking nonetheless.

The fact is pretty simple: human ingenuity is boundless. We have tamed seas and reached the moon. What is important, is the fact that one does not forget that. All great notions are rejected at first.

But they change the world.

So the next time, you don’t speak up because you think it is a stupid suggestion, fight the urge to sit down.

Visualize the positives and speak up, loud and clear.

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