Lord Shiva: 10 Reasons Why Start Worshiping This God

Lord Shiva belongs to the Holy Trinity, but in Hindu terms, it is one of the Trimurti, recognized as the universal function of destruction.

Usually, he is connected with Kailash, his home, with Parvati, who is his consort, and with Kartikeya and Ganesha, who are his sons, and with Nandi, which is his vehicle.

In fact, there was a time during which the Shaivism has been the most famous sect belonging to the Hindu dharma. However, there are many people that worship this lord. He can go by several names, such as Rudra, Nilkantha, Maheshwar, and a lot of other names.

Here are the ten reasons why we have to start worshiping and following Lord Shiva:

1. We can please it easily

Shiva is best known for being innocent; therefore, the name Bholenath was given to him. We can please it easily, and it has a pure heart too, so it frequently grants boons to those that are devoted to him, meaning that even when we have weaknesses or sins on our plate, Lord Shiva will continue granting us our wishes when we worship and love him.

2. He is unconventional

Lord Shiva also has a personal sense of freedom that may break social customs and morals at any time. He is Tantra’s lord, in that way allowing left-hand worship methods to eliminate some evil tendencies, meaning that we have to transcend every judgment and duality in order to accomplish liberation. For Lord Shiva, our background, norms, a way of life and lifestyle don’t really matter.

3. He is our bodies’ lord

Shiva is also the symbol of tamas, which is a predominant constituent of living bodies. Such living bodies are the form of individual soul, representing Shiva. In fact, this implies that when we want to accomplish moksha from our life, we have to worship Lord Shiva and also ask him to make our impurities disappear. With this, we will have the ability to progress towards our way to liberation too.

4. Worshiping Lord Shiva is easier

When we would like to worship Lord Shiva, there is no need of having a priest. We can merely go into any Lord Shiva temple, offering prayers directly to him, or we can only remember the name, worshiping him by our heart. We can also offer him everything with love. In everything we do, we will have direct connections with Shiva.

5. Lord Shiva accepts and tolerates anger

Shiva is believed to be one of those ancient gods that are the angriest when he gets angry. Also, he is famous for releasing his destructive powers when he is angry, meaning that even he can realize when we get angry, doing bad things, although it may mean we aren’t to blame for.

6. He is a really good husband

Different from Brahman and Shiva, who do not consider it a necessity to have consorts by their own sides, Lord Shiva is treating Parvathi with huge respect and great love, even making sure that his other half is equally honored as he is honored too. Lord Shiva made his female counterpart an inseparable component of himself.

7. Lord Shiva is an excellent person when it comes to family too

Lord Shiva adores the members of his family too. He demonstrated family values, together with the significance of having the caring and loving family we always wanted. His family consisting of ganas and gods is also very affectionate, and they love spending time with him.

8. Lord Shiva is really powerful, maybe the most potent one

At Samudra Manthan’s time, when some other gods were not able to deal with poison, the deadliest one, it was Lord Shiva that drank it. Shiva is well known for destroying suffering and removing impurities such as egoism, ignorance, attachment, pride, and delusion, which prevent us from walking on our path towards spiritual growth. Lord Shiva is the best person we can pray to, in order to show us the right direction.

9. He is the animals’ lord too

Lord Shiva is definitely not a god only for humans. He is well-known for protecting animals with love and great compassion. Also, he is called the Pashupatinath, because he is the protector of animals when it comes to death, disease or destruction. Moreover, in order to have a much better life when it comes to our next life, we should worship Shiva.

10. Lord Shiva will give us knowledge and wisdom

Although the goddess Saraswati is known for knowledge and wisdom, Lord Shiva can also be said to be a good world teacher. In fact, all knowledge flows from Lord Shiva, in the form of Ganga. Shiva represents the best source of craft, art, and science. Furthermore, he is an excellent dancer, musician, and singer. In order to groom our talent, Lord Shiva may be the best god we may pray to.

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