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Virgo New Moon Rising September 6th: Baby Steps Vs. Giant Leaps

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by Conscious Reminder

On 6th September 2021, the New Moon in Virgo will peak. New Moons happen at a time when energy retreats inwards.

This inward flow can be used to retreat and reflect, but also to contemplate all the things we want to incorporate in our lives.

The New Moon in September may pull us in all sorts of directions. However, using the inward energy may make us feel more present and grounded as the new moon cycle begins.

The New Moon’s Dark Sky Is A Place Of Assurance

The dark sky of the New Moon stands for two things. It represents the uncertainty over what the future holds.

Secondly, it represents how to be alright while facing uncertainty and darkness. The darkness symbolizes a need for going inward and retreating from the brightness of the world outside.

However, the night sky also symbolizes potential. It can be thought of as a clean canvas that is there to be painted by your inspiration. When there is no moon in the dark night, we can plant the seeds of purpose for the coming cycle.

The tonic during the New Moon of September will be to remain connected and grounded. The New Moon energy can make us seek out adventure, try out new things, and bring some productive change into our lives.

Another energy being offered by the lunation will direct us to think about long-held habits, attitudes, or beliefs that have no use anymore.

Apart from this, another deeper energy will also be present during this lunation. It will encourage us to establish a connection with the child within and to contemplate our ancestral wounds. The energy will direct us towards healing such wounds.

However, it is deep energy and difficult work. Nessus, the asteroid, triggers this energy. Nessus’ involvement calls upon us to break cycles that have persisted for generations, the ones we can end.

The energy can also be used to see childhood wounds and realize how they manifest in the present. Identifying ancestral wounds and childhood patterns requires deep awareness. However, if the work is calling out to you, the New Moon will make it easier. It will make the healing feel more organic and natural.

Break Down The Old To Make Room For The New

A New Moon is also a time for inviting things. So the energy can be used for meditation, journaling, and diving deeper into baggage and blocks that we have inherited.

This will increase our awareness of how they affect our lives. Sometimes, becoming aware is enough to start healing.

Overall, the New Moon in Virgo has mixed energies. It might trigger ancient wounds, however, it can also provide inspiration for trying new things. The two manifestations may make the energy of the New Moon feel like a rollercoaster. It can make us feel overwhelmed and scattered emotionally.

Keep in mind Virgo’s grounding energy holding the New Moon. Virgo’s virgin, in this case, stands for completion and wholeness. It symbolizes how we are whole always.

The whole Universe is manifested in our human shell. We can locate our unique power and have the knowledge that there is no wild storm that can stop you from moving.

So plant your feet on the ground, and feel your connection with the energy of the Source inside and outside you. And then, use the New Moon’s waves to bring new energy into life. Also, use them to break all generational cycles which are unneeded.

The undertaking is enormous. But the energy of the New Moon will guide you, letting you take a huge leap or maybe baby steps. Your ancestors and descendants will celebrate any and all efforts.

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