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The Root Of All Diseases: Emotional Breakdown!

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by Conscious Reminder

Even in ancient China, doctors knew that emotions had a strong impact on the human body.

According to Chinese medicine, the underlying cause of all diseases are emotions, and each organ has its own. The lungs are associated with sadness, liver with anger, kidneys with fear, the stomach with worries and so on.

Each organ has a different ‘taste’. Lungs like spicy and hot, the liver like sour, the spleen loves sweet, and kidneys like salty. The organs have their own energy path, say Chinese doctors.

The energy is called chi and is codependent with blood, so the Chinese doctors say that blood is the mother of energy and the energy is blood’s master.

Kidneys are one of the most important organs according to Chinese medicine, as they represent the basis of yin and yang and are one of the most important energy centers of our body. They are related to the skeletal system, the hearing and fears. By treating the kidneys, you affect all these systems.

The liver is blood-related, it filters blood and is usually treated in cases of menstrual cycle disorders in women.

Some of the liver dysfunction symptoms appear in the form of itching, headaches and dizziness. One of the most important functions of the liver is to ensure continual flow of energy through our body, but, it also maintains the flow of our thoughts. If the liver is working properly, there should be no stress or pressure. People with a healthy liver are calm, make decisions easily and make good leaders.

The first signs of liver disharmony are related to anger, irritability, stubbornness, anxiety, bitterness, violence … If these emotions are not expressed and channeled, then they can lead to depression or frequent mood swings. There are also a number of physical symptoms that point to liver disharmony.

The most common symptoms of this syndrome are menstrual problems, fatigue, tensions, stiffness of the body, pain in the area below the ribs, allergies etc…

How and why emotional breakdowns happen

Emotions are able to cause different illnesses even in strong people. They just need to hit the most sensitive spot in the body and cause dysfunction. What happens next we call psychosomatic illnesses or “soul illnesses”.

We can’t always avoid stressful situations;we are forced to face and try to overcome them. People use different strategies to deal with stress.

When a person assesses they can successfully control the situation, he or she is using active, problem solving-oriented strategies.

Otherwise, people turn to emotion-oriented coping strategies, which help reduce the stressful experience.

The worst thing we could do for our health is to avoid confrontation, which, in the long term, increases the stress levels and speeds up the development of the disease. Psychosomatic diseases can be defined as stress-induced diseases, with permanent damage to the body’s systems and organs.

My hear hurts

Based on the joined research of the team of doctors and psychologists, it was concluded that “love and hurt come through the heart”. However, other organs in the human body are not spared from the “attacks of the soul”.

This means that, a “wounded soul” most often affects the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive system. But, often, visible parts of the body are also exposed to “strong attacks of the soul,” like, for example, the skin on the chest, back and arms.

Women are more affected than men

Women are more often victims of various psychosomatic illnesses. However, they are inclined to believe that  the cause of their suffering is of psychological origin or nature.

Men rarely believe that mental problems are the main cause of a sickness. In them emotions often have “shorter expiration dates”. Also, men empty out their emotional charge more quickly.

Most sensitive body zones

The organs that usually get affected by “the attacks of the soul” the most, are:

BACK – When you think that you carry all the life’s burdens on your back, the strongest pains and tension in this area appear.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM – You are not able to breathe or you breathe heavily, you choke and have a feeling that something is blocking your throat- all these are symptoms coming from the outside world and give you clear signals. The reasons are always psychological and emotionally colored – it is a sign that some people, situations, or events are “suffocating” you.

THE HEART – This is the organ that certainly is most strongly connected to our emotional life and survival of certain situations. When you are preparing for a date, your heart is beating fast, and when you are in the company of a loved one you have the feeling that your heart will jump out of the chest. However, when you are very frightened, your “heart stops”.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM – People who are introverted and too introspective, have great problems with the digestive system. Especially, those who have problems in communicating with others,  most often suffer from gastritis or ulcer.

SKIN – Rashes, pimples or spots on the face show that a person “does not feel good in their skin”. Often, different skin diseases indirectly indicate that we want to reject some people or the situation we have in life.

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