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New Moon Solar Eclipse In Aquarius, February 15th, 2018 ∼ An Onset Of A Dramatic New Phase

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Aquarius New Moon of this year is not just any astrological event which can be forgotten within a week. It is going to signal the onset of a dramatic new phase. 

Finally free from the same old, boring and repetitive notions of the last eight years, we are defining our lives in a whole different way. And we have fellow travelers in this journey even as we focus on our own growth.

The mid-February solar eclipse is all that anyone can talk about nowadays; although it affects each one of us differently, but the cause remains the same that unites us somehow.

The Sun, Moon and the Earth would not exactly be in line but somewhat close to that. Hence the solar eclipse is being addressed as partial. However, it makes the spiritual impact of this event no less than that of a full-blown solar eclipse.

With the rapidly changing conditions around this event, you ought to have a keen observation around your new habits and how your way of looking at things. Be ready to become communicative about it as this particular solar eclipse is associated with the planet of Gods’ communication and flow of knowledge, Mercury.

Information is changing location brutally while Moon transitions into the picture bringing drastic changes in the whole scenario, making it more intriguing. The removal of the loose elements is being carried out by the planet Uranus which helps focus all the light on the coincidence. You can expect something to become so relevant and digestible like it had always been left out of notice, as a result of Uranus getting drifted towards and then through Aries

The situation is such that all kinds of bonds, including the ones which are mere partnership, are being affected. Asteroid Juno that is supposed to be the guardian of marriage is in the center of mercury and the moon. At the same time, Hygeia leads from the bottom. All the volatile structures of committed relationships need working on them to stabilize.

Try making an introduction to someone more substantial. You may come across a shocker in one of these talks. There may even be in a situation which had been dragged over time but now would experience an awakening. Interaction of Venus and Saturn has lead to the commitments being made out in the open.

The time is right to think bigger and be more aggressive with the travel. Increasing the action and the noise level is expansive Jupiter in Scorpio squaring the New Moon party. The planet Mars covers Neptune, which has to do with illusions and transcendence. Try not losing your way through the heights.

The twisted bunches quickly spread throughout the brains and knowledge flow; Mercury is segregating into Pisces two days posts the New Moon. Detachment helps you through the dark vapors.

In fact, you can use it to discover unknown areas accessible and remember that being a part of the bigger picture you are lead to the supposable unknown place. Your subconscious mind had already made acquaintance with these places of newness.

We might be looking at Mars and differential element can send us to the some chain of asteroids, but rest assured we are definitely going in the right direction which is best for us.

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