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The December Solar Eclipse Is Bringing A Major Consciousness Change

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by Conscious Reminder

The December Solar Eclipse will occur on December 25th-26th and it is happening in Capricorn. It marks the beginning of the Eclipse season. Solar Eclipses are very potent, almost similar to a New Moon.

It brings us to a more advanced level of the consciousness field. Solar Eclipses open up a new doorway that advances us down the soul path. The December Eclipse brings us to a new path.

It may seem like a subtle path at first but there are new things waiting to be unfolded. Perhaps a new thought or feeling will dawn upon you and you will be pushed into a new field of consciousness.

The Eclipse brings up a fresh stream of energy and we need to accept and download it to enrich ourselves. How the download process is going to take place depends on where we are right now and how the change is going to occur.

It all depends on the awakening process. But beware. The energy of the December Eclipse is abundant and full. You just need to plant seeds and make them into tall trees.

The Solar Eclipse will be all about setting intentions as well as realizing your ambitions. Be patient and watch where the Eclipse brings you. You will have new intentions which you would not have considered before.

The Eclipse is strong and you are going to transcend your current state to bring your inner child to a higher plane. It’s time to heal – to discover who you are. It’s time to look into the patterns that brought you to a new place of thinking – formed you into a new being.

The healing can take us to the past and the wounds will be old but will transform into fresh wounds.

We might also realize that sometimes, it does not help to take everything so seriously. Sometimes, we just have to lay back and enjoy what life is bringing for us. The Eclipse is all about transcending drama and the whims of karma and making a harmonious shift.

There is a reason why this Eclipse is coming in during the holiday season. We will be with our family and we will start to work on unhealthy family dynamics – trying to recover and mend any bridges. The Eclipse is all about bringing us to our best state.

The energy of the Eclipse is to heal and forgive – it is to set boundaries and compassion. It can be a great thing to accept our family with their flaws and try to find out what role they fulfill in our lives. Capricorn is not very outgoing when it comes to emotions but it keeps everything practical.

The family dynamics often make everything heated up but don’t look at things in black and white. Sometimes, you need to understand the grey areas.

This is something that Capricorn, with its practicality, may find hard to master at times. But with a little bit more work, we might be able to see the logical side of things.

If you find yourself getting tensed around your family, it’s time to dive deeper into the reasons for it. If you find yourself getting triggered, investigate the trigger point. The Eclipse is all about figuring out how the energies are supporting you.

The harmonious vibrations are trying to iron out all these small issues between you and your family and bringing in love.

The energy protects you and it is a gift coming from the universe. But we need to work hard to receive it and we need to realize the shift happening both in the cosmos and within us.

2020 is bringing is a horde of energy changes. This Solar Eclipse is preparing us for it. Are you ready?

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